Sites we love, Second Edition

To mark two years of the sites we like column, here are some of our favorite sites from the past year.

Screenshot of Offscreen Magazine

Offscreen Magazine is as lovely on the screen as, well, off. Featuring Calluna and Bebas Neue.

Screenshot of Art of the Title

Soleil and FF Meta Serif team up on the ever entertaining Art of the Title.

Screenshot of Impress a Penguin

Impress a Penguin shows off Robert Slimbach’s oft-overlooked Warnock.

Screenshot of The Design of a Signage Typeface

A fascinating essay on the design of a typeface for wayfinding pairs the rounded FF Netto with the soft slabs of FF Tisa.

Screenshot of XOXO Festival

The XOXO Festival combines Atrament italic with all-caps JAF Facit.

Screenshot of Pilot and Captain

From the Heads of State, the wonderfully retro Pilot & Captain makes excellent use of Brandon Grotesque.

Screenshot of Evening Edition

Mule Design’s Evening Edition delivers commute-sized news with Prenton Condensed and the always classic FF Meta Serif.

Screenshot of Type Connection

Type Connection pairs FF Tisa (and its companion small caps) in a playful typographic dating game.

Screenshot of Michael James Milton

Michael James Milton puts the blocky slab serif Kulturista to work.

Screenshot of The Shape of Design

And last but not least, The Shape of Design stars the bookish FF Quadraat, available from FontShop.

Have a favorite we missed? Share it in the comments!

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