Do you know where your food comes from? This week, we’re getting up close to a few sources, beginning with dessert (as one does) and working all the way down to the raw ingredients.

Molly and Me Pecans homepage

The homepage of Molly & Me Pecans wastes no time getting to the goods: a close-up image of crispy sugared pecans shows you exactly what you’re in store for. We’re sold. Garamond Premier and Garamond Premier Display show off their classic seriffed characters for the body copy on the site, with generous line spacing adding to the laid-back feel. The sans serif headers are set in Oswald.

25 Mile website

Champions of locally-sourced food, the crew at 25th Mile has some pretty impressive menus over on their beautifully photo-filled website, and something called “Tuesday Treat Night” that we could definitely get behind. Adobe Garamond is used in the thoughtful body copy, and Proxima Nova appears as an unobtrusive counterpart in navigation and other headers.

Kobia homepage

Kobia is a bakery supply wholesaler based in Sweden, providing flour, marzipan (did you know there are marzipan factories?), and other confections to bakers throughout northern Europe. The site is in both English and Swedish, and looks great in either. We love Freight Micro in the headings; it has so much character, and feels warm compared to a lot of other serif headers. Freight Sans is a natural counterpart, used in subheads and body text.

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This week, we’re all about weighty design: from old computers to even older automobiles. Get ready to do a little time traveling.

Celebrate the Mac website

Celebrate the Mac will be a nostalgic trip for a lot of us. In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh, Jonathan Zufi features a selection from his huge collection of Mac-specific photography, paired with a few details about the machines Apple has released over the past three decades. Headings and navigation are set in Futura PT, whose clean geometric shapes are a natural match for a company known for its simple design elegance. Body text is in Proxima Nova, feeling exceptionally light here thanks to the wide spacing.

Chromeography website

We could spend hours poring over the beautiful and endlessly varied designs featured on Chromeography, a site that exists “in praise of the chrome logos and lettering affixed to vintage automobiles and electric appliances.” The site was built by author and type critic Stephen Coles, whose strong taste for type is evident in the tagging methodology, including categories for “Swash” and “Baseline connection.” All text on the site is set in FF DIN Round, whose soft edges are a great counterpart to all the shiny chrome, as well as the sharp angles on the hand-lettered Chromeography logo.

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The Typekit team wishes you A Very Happy Thursday!

Piglet and Pooh

Dave Dawson has turned a few short sentences into a work of art. (For the story behind this site, read his blog post.) Corner Store is set large and bright with bumblebees peeping through the transparent text. FF Cocon—making its first appearance in Sites We Like—is a cheerfully rounded companion to Corner Store’s paintbrush-like swoops.

The site makes us smile, and we hope it does the same for you.

This week’s sites we like make us want to get up and get moving. Whether focusing on the court, the surf, or pair of wheels, they’ll get your typography flowing.


Vickers Bicycles is all about classic style, which is neatly reflected in their font selections. Headers are set in Adobe Garamond, making nice use of its italics, and the product prose relies on the perpetual favorite, Proxima Nova. Even if you’re not in the market for a new bicycle, we think you’ll enjoy perusing the site.


Rookie is a sports site that looks at the stories and people behind the scores and stats. They’ve paired the sturdy Futura PT Condensed with some beautiful photos for (we have to say it) a slam dunk.


If you’re looking for a new board or even want to learn to craft your own, Otter Surfboards is the place to be. Header text is set in
, another one of your favorites, and the body text is Droid Serif. The attractive pairing puts the information you need front and center, leaving you plenty of time to get back to the beach.

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We love everything about typography, so it’s no surprise that we spend a lot our online time reading about it in just about every form. Here are a few sites we noticed that not only taught us a little more, but also made some sleek type selections of their own.

Type Quest website

Using OpenType on your websites is a tricky undertaking for any designer, but Type Quest breaks the process down to make it a little less intimidating—and also shows off some of what OpenType can do. Body text is set in the fully-ligatured glory of Adobe Caslon, with headers in Effra Bold (and, if you can find it, one subhead demonstrating the swashy possibilities of Bello).

Letterpress of Tulsa website

There is so much to love about the Letterpress of Tulsa, from its two antique presses (named Beatrice and Matilda) to the type choices for its homepage: Droid Serif for clean, friendly body text, and Franklin Gothic URW Extra Condensed for the headers.

Typeface Design at the University of Reading website

We expected a lot from the Department of Typeography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading, and their website delivers with a fantastic type pairing. Abril Text is a lovely choice for long-form body text, and it reads beautifully here, and Iskra—the Extra Bold weight accentuating its quirks—makes for a surprising and effective match in the headings.

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We love seeing all the different ways people use Typekit on their portfolio sites; these are spaces where people are putting their best faces forward, and we’re always fascinated to see which typefaces people choose to reflect their own distinct personalities.

Emily Brick website

UI designer Emily Brick takes a minimal approach to her homescreen, with an animated bulldog stealing the show at the top of the page. Header text is set in Proxima Nova Alt, and the body text is in the Light weight of Omnes. The effect of the pairing is clean, open, and friendly—with the last quality emphasized by the dog’s wagging tail.

Katie Christ website

Food stylist Katie Christ has an absolutely delicious-looking photography portfolio here. Have a snack nearby when you browse this site, because you will definitely get hungry. The monospaced Letter Gothic Std hasn’t come up often in a portfolio site, and we like the way it looks here—especially in the header, where it retains a lot of its retro-electric-typewriter aesthetic.

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It’s been just over a year since we began our partnership with Squarespace, and we’re excited to get a look at a few of the stunning websites that are the result of pairing these intuitive editing tools with great type options.


Tara Rudolph doesn’t need many words to show off her stunning photography portfolio, but when she does include text, she makes it count. Headers are set in classic Adobe Caslon, and the prominent top navigation options are in sturdy Museo Sans, with FF Meta making an understated appearance in footer copy.

Neuarmy Surplus Co website

Applying artistic sensibility to military surplus materials, Neuarmy Surplus Co. pushes us beyond our army jacket phase and into something truly stylish. We love the look of Futura PT in the text here; its bold geometric shapes play wonderfully against the big, heavily-shadowed photographs.

Wayfarers Photography website

Brandon Grotesque makes a lovely center-stage appearance upon your first glance at the Wayfarers Photography website, but from there on out, the amazing photography portfolio steals the show. Body text is set in Adobe Garamond, showing off the lovely italics in several places.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

This week, we’re feeling drawn in by the vibrant portfolios of a few creative agencies—all of whom take the opportunity on their own sites to show off skilled web design as well as some solid typographic choices.

Domani website

Domani makes a great case for itself as a creative agency with the bold images and clever animations on this delightful website. Futura PT is a perfect typeface choice to match this energy, and beneath these geometric headings, the rounded edges of Omnes pair nicely in the body text.

Makewell website

Makewell takes a more minimal approach to their portfolio page, and the result is a clean, straightforward site that tells a convincing story about their portfolio of projects. Type is carefully paired here, with Museo Sans used throughout and occasionally punctuated with a dash of Museo Slab.

Planet Propoganda website

Design is front and center at Planet Propaganda, with snapshots from their excellent portfolio on display alongside their thoughtfully composed method. The eye-catching type in the main navigation is Hellenic Wide, a digital adaptation of a metal type with roots in the late 19th century. Futura PT also appears in headers throughout the site.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

As winter trudges along, we’re drawn to cozy indoor activities—like curling up with a good read. In this week’s sites we like, we’re sharing a few literary-minded sites that show a lot of respect for the written word, be it recommending good reads, publishing them, or (in all cases) setting it in excellent type.

Openings website

Openings features just the first line from a long list of books, poems, songs, and other works, making for a subtly brilliant site that we got completely sucked into. Livory displays beautifully here as the primary body text font, giving a warm and weighty feel to the quoted lines. Navigation in JAF Bernina Sans is clean and unobstrusive.

STET website

We’ve loved reading the thoughtful articles that have appeared on STET, which are accompanied by fantastic illustrations and, of course, a great type pairing. Multiple weights of JAF Facit play the part of headlines and navigation, offset by the gorgeous serif Calluna. The combination makes for an enjoyable, comfortable reading experience.

Bookshelf website

Designer Daniël Van Der Winden gives us a list of recommended reading in the most stylish manner imaginable with Bookshelf. We love seeing Adelle front and center with a sweeping quote on the main page, immediately setting the deliberate, literary tone for the site. Proxima Nova appears in subheads and navigation throughout, and a long list of other fonts make cameo appearances: Abril Fatface, Futura PT (for The Wes Anderson Collection, appropriately), League Gothic, and possibly even more with the next review he posts up there.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

In this week’s sites we like, we’re craving just a little space—be it working space, actual outer space, or even just the suggestion of rockets. Fuel up for a high-level tour of a few sites that caught our attention.

Rockit Science website

A forward-thinking advertising agency with an innovative streak, Rockit Science Agency has pulled together a tightly cohesive homepage with attractive layouts and the polished look of FF DIN for its text. Eye-catching images lead you directly into their impressive portfolio of past projects.

Making Space for Others website

Getting down to the science of personal working space, Katy Jackson presents her research findings in this beautiful website, Making Space for Others. Most of the text is in Minion, a great option for long-form writing anywhere, with navigation text in Open Sans. The clean, open design of this page immediately helps you focus on the words.

How Many People Are in Space Right Now website

Finally, we get to outer space, and the few humans who are currently working out there nearly beyond gravity’s grasp. How many humans? How Many People Are in Space Right Now? is here with the handy answer. Scroll down for more information about the astronauts currently up in orbit, along with an extended look at graceful FF Enzo, which is used for all the text on this site. (Including the giant number.)

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!