Typekit at Adobe: One year on

One year ago today, we announced that Typekit would be joining Adobe. It was a thrilling day for us, both for the acknowledgement it represented and the potential we could see.

When a startup goes through an acquisition, it can be either an exit or a boost. Sometimes, a small group of people build something really cool, hand it over to a bigger company, then take a deep breath and move on to build the next thing. Other times, merging can unlock the potential of the smaller company, and things really take off. Reflecting on the last 12 months, bringing Typekit to Adobe has been an absolutely huge boost.

We’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth, and have been rebuilding almost every one of the systems that make up Typekit. After we joined Adobe, we immediately launched a redesign of our font browsing interface to accommodate our ever-growing library of typefaces. Next, we added a way for you to tag your favorite families, making it easier for you to collect inspiration for projects and for us to understand which fonts are most popular. To make it even easier to find fonts, we collected the best of our library into topical lists and launched an all-new search engine. On the backend, we replaced our identity system for logging into your account. And while we were at it, we completely rewrote our entire font serving infrastructure, ensuring we remain the fastest hosted web font service available. So yeah, we’ve been busy!

The big news, however, is how much we’ve grown. Typekit is now in use on 1.4 million websites, and in the last month alone we served fonts on over 8 billion pageviews for our customers. Our biggest increases have come from our enterprise business, which has tripled in size since the acquisition. We don’t expect this growth to slow down at all. A year ago, only 7% of the world’s top 1,000 sites used web fonts; it’s twice that now. And while that’s great, it also shows how much fertile ground remains.

Moving into a new company is a huge change for a product, but even more so for the people who make it. We remain deeply committed to Typekit, and you’ll see some exciting new things in the coming year: integrations into more Adobe products, some amazing new partnerships, and a bunch of stuff we’re not quite ready to talk about yet. What won’t change, of course, is our passion for typography and for a better, more beautiful web.

Thanks again for all the support.

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  1. benjamin says:

    A year ago I expressed my skepticism about the merge with Adobe, and today I’d like to say that I was wrong about Adobe. Props to Typekit and Adobe for partnering and maintaining the best type resource online. Stay awesome!

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