TypeTogether is one of our long-time partners. Run by José Scaglione in Argentina and Veronika Burian in Czech Republic, the foundry brings together a wonderful collection of type by designers from all over the world, and we are very pleased to have their typefaces available in our Library and Marketplace.

We recently added three of their new families to Typekit Marketplace. All by acclaimed designers, each one creates its own niche in the collection.


Designed by Dr. Gerard Unger, Sanserata is an expansion of Alverata in sans form. It is a perfect companion to Alverata but also stands comfortably on its own, with flared …

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Thousands of the best fonts

Browse our library of the world’s best fonts, ready to use in your next project, available for the web and your desktop.

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Sites We Like: National Civil Rights Museum & National Museum of African American History & Culture

We love when we see web fonts in use for institutions of learning and culture. This month is Black History Month here in the United States, so today we wanted to highlight two sites that seemed especially timely for our first profile post in February.

National Civil Rights Museum

The National Civil Rights Museum is at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, the site of Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination in 1968, and is devoted to the work he and many others did during the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s–60s.

It’s powerful material, and the site orients visitors with clear, straightforward design that puts the …

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Typekit Platform brings type to more applications everywhere

We launched Typekit Platform last fall with the aim of enabling typographic control in even more applications and services, and wanted to take the opportunity to profile a few of our external partners. We’re really excited to see how this is taking off — and would love to welcome more!

Typography Insight

Designed and built by Dong Yoon Park, Typography Insight teaches about letter shapes in a fun and visually stunning way. It features direct overlays to compare typefaces directly, side-by-side juxtaposition, and other exercises to break down the many elements of typeface anatomy. The app uses Adobe’s Creative SDK to access Typekit’s library …

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Lesson spotlight

Lesson Spotlight

Type for body text

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Bickham Script

Typeface Spotlight

Bickham Script

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Video Spotlight

What is Typekit?

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