This week we wanted to shine a little light on two neat projects we noticed — both of which are also using some great web type on their sites, of course.


Concourse is a newly-launched website that lists available work space for creative projects, which had an early role (along with its creator Sarah Calvillo) in our Typekit Marketplace video. Sarah uses Brandon Grotesque for her headers and Usual for the body text, leaning slightly towards lighter weights for both (with the exception of those bold subheads) for an airy, open feel on the page.

Monogram Project

The Monogram Project is the …

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Thousands of the best fonts

Browse our library of the world’s best fonts, ready to use in your next project, available for the web and your desktop.

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TypeThursday Goes National

We admire the work TypeThursday has done to build an inclusive type community year-round, from their diverse interviews to their monthly meetups. Those of us here in the SF office truly enjoy supporting and attending the gatherings at the San Francisco Center for the Book, where we connect with old friends and meet a lot of new folks in the Bay Area letterati.

As TypeThursday expands next month to Los Angeles (under the leadership of our pals at TypeEd), we’re thrilled to up our game and support all three chapters (and any future ones) of what’s now a growing national movement.

“I’m continuously …

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New fonts from TypeTogether in Typekit Marketplace

New fonts from TypeTogether in Typekit Marketplace

TypeTogether is one of our long-time partners. Run by José Scaglione in Argentina and Veronika Burian in Czech Republic, the foundry brings together a wonderful collection of type by designers from all over the world, and we are very pleased to have their typefaces available in our Library and Marketplace.

We recently added three of their new families to Typekit Marketplace. All by acclaimed designers, each one creates its own niche in the collection.


Designed by Dr. Gerard Unger, Sanserata is an expansion of Alverata in sans form. It is a perfect companion to Alverata but also stands comfortably on its own, with flared …

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Lesson spotlight

Lesson Spotlight

Type for body text

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Bickham Script

Typeface Spotlight

Bickham Script

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Video spotlight

Video Spotlight

What is Typekit?

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