We’ve long admired the work of House Industries, and today we’re delighted to welcome eight of their fun and iconic typeface families to Typekit. Founded by Andy Cruz and Rich Roat in 1993, the design studio is based in Delaware and known for creative collaborations with the likes of Heath Ceramics, the Estate of Charles & Ray Eames, and New Yorker magazine.

All of the typefaces we’re adding from House are available through Typekit Marketplace. Whether you have a paid Creative Cloud plan or not, you can purchase fonts from the Marketplace and use them for web or sync. We’ve also added seven …

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Thousands of the best fonts

Browse our library of the world’s best fonts, ready to use in your next project, available for the web and your desktop.

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Sites We Like: Belsazar Vermouth and Fresno Tacos

Food and drink: two of the things the Typekit team loves best. If you’re in the food and beverage industry, you know how important it can be to have a visually appealing internet presence when looking to attract new customers. Today on Sites We Like we’re showing off two businesses that we hope will give you a taste of the design possibilities available when you use quality web type.

Belsazar Vermouth

Vermouth manufacturer Belsazar created a site that puts a modern spin on a classic staple, much like the typeface they chose to support their brand. Base 900 incorporates classic sans serif shapes with interesting …

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Hundreds more fonts in the library and Marketplace, 1,500+ added for sync

Hundreds more fonts in the library and Marketplace, 1,500+ added for sync

In the four years since we began providing fonts for desktop sync via Creative Cloud, Typekit’s library has continuously grown as we meet more foundry partners who want to add their fonts to our service. Our library is a trusted resource for designers, and we’re the simplest solution for people who need access to a huge variety of great typefaces — all tested and vetted before we add them.

We’ve made the biggest increase to fonts in our library since we started offering fonts for sync, adding over 1,500 additional fonts to the sync collection from 28 different foundries. Most of these were only …

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Type for body text

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Bickham Script

Typeface Spotlight

Bickham Script

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