Adobe Typekit designer Wenting Zhang’s work on the Source Han Serif website won honorable mention at Awwwards for web design. She doesn’t consider her work done, though — and the site continues to evolve with her vision in really neat ways.

When Adobe Type considered how to make a major marketing splash with the companion to the enormously popular Pan-CJK Source Han Sans, Wenting was tasked with designing a standalone website to showcase the type. Wenting is a designer at Typekit, and also a student of type design at the Type@Cooper program in New York, so this was a great opportunity for her …

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Women designers on Typekit: A few highlights for International Women’s Day

Most people read words without giving the typeface — and its designer — a second thought. We are not those people. And when we think about type designers, we know that there aren’t as many women represented as there could be.

So if you’re looking for a subtle way to support women in a historically male-dominated field, here’s just a sampling of the typefaces they’ve been responsible for. Use them in honor of International Women’s Day if you like, though we suspect they’ll look great all year round.

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Milka from Lettersoup (based on design by Milka Peikova)

Milka is a stencil …

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Summer in Paris? Apply now for Type@Paris intensive type design program

Is your summer schedule still up in the air? Have you always wanted to get into type design? How do you feel about Paris?

Type@Paris is once again running their five-week intensive type design program in the beautiful French capital, where students will spend five days a week in class, go on field trips to study one-of-a-kind collections, learn from industry leaders in public evening lectures, and come away having made their own typeface designs.

Does that sound like where you’d like to be this summer? Apply now! If you’re just coming out of a design program or about to graduate, you may already have …

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Charming mischief: Introducing Ten Mincho from Adobe Originals

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What is Typekit?

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