Supporting Global Type Happenings This Month

From the UK to Spain to New York to San Francisco, we’re happy to support a handful of get togethers of font-loving folk this month.

TypeThursday San Francisco, photo by James Butler

ATypI in Antwerp

ATypI 2018 kicks off today, bringing its annual assortment of workshops, talks and symposiums to Antwerp. Find our own Frank Greißhammer on the Type toolmakers panel early on Wednesday. Later that morning Vinod Balakrishnan, our colleague on the Photoshop team, presents Evolution of digital typographic needs. Catch Frank at 9:25 am and Vinod at 11:40 am.
We’re also supporting the closing party on Saturday evening. Please join us there and hear some remarks from Frank and Taro Yamamoto around 10 pm.

TypeThursday in Barcelona — and beyond

TypeThursday adds its second European chapter this month, when Barcelona launches on September 20th.
Looking for a type event in a different city? Additional evenings of socializing and type crit continue in:

Will you be joining in? Let us know, and see you soon!

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  1. Quick newsflash! TypeThursday London will be celebrating it’s first birthday on Oct. 4th with extra fun, extra type crits. and extra cake for all!

    1. Meghan A. says:

      Total typo. Thanks for catching!

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Meghan Arnold

Meghan Arnold

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