Introducing Pelago from Adobe Originals

Pelago is a semi-formal sans-serif type family with a crisp contemporary appearance and an understated elegance that lends itself to wide range of applications, ranging from the most demanding text-based web and print communication to expressive display work.

Pelago specimen by Robert Slimbach

At display sizes Pelago exhibits subtly swelling stroke endings, animated letter counter shapes, and a moderate degree of stroke modulation — qualities derived from both humanist handwriting and Roman inscriptional lettering. At smaller type sizes these expressive accents recede, revealing a clear and very readable text face that doesn’t suffer from the structural rigidity found in conventional sans-serif designs.

Pelago specimen by Robert Slimbach

Pelago includes six weights with matching italics, and supports multiple figure styles as well as small caps for more advanced typographic needs. Its broad language coverage includes Greek, Cyrillic, and extended Latin.

Pelago specimen by Robert Slimbach

All weights are available on Typekit, and you can purchase the whole collection on Fontspring.

Pelago specimen by Robert Slimbach

6 Responses

  1. John D. Berry says:

    Sally –

    Pelago looks inviting. But do you realize that you never mentioned, in the promotional email, who designed it? Only when I clicked through to the web page did I discover that it was done by Robert. At least I assume that’s the case; it’s his byline, but nowhere in the text does he speak of its being his typeface. It’s important to know who did the work!



    1. Sally Kerrigan says:

      Hi John, good to hear from you. I’ll pass your note along to Robert, and perhaps he’ll agree to let me make that edit 🙂 We’re also adding designer info to all our pages in the near future, because you’re quite right about that being an important component! Thanks for writing in.

  2. Masha Hong says:

    Agreed. A number of typekit pr items share this issue. Designers are important! Tell us who made the type that you are making money from!

  3. Vinney Tecchio says:

    The completeness of the design notwithstanding (as it is Mr. Slimbach’s usual excellence), I wonder: did we need this face? Does it differ enough in texture and in effect from Myriad or Open Sans? With how saturated we are with new faces – some brilliant, some less so – should marketability and differentiation have a role in determining which designs or design ideas survive to market?

  4. Thank you for the income statement, it is very important information for me.

  5. Russell says:

    Snoozers. I’m sure it’s nice, but I’m also pretty sure I’ve had like 5 faces almost identical to this that have been in my collection for years.

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Robert Slimbach

Robert Slimbach

Adobe’s Principal Type Designer Robert Slimbach, who joined the company in 1987, began working seriously on type and calligraphy four years earlier in the type drawing department of Autologic. Since then, he has concentrated primarily on designing text faces for digital technology, drawing inspiration from classical sources. In 1991, he received the Prix Charles Peignot from Association Typographique Internationale for excellence in type design. He has designed typefaces for the International Typeface Corporation, as well as many Adobe Originals families.

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