TypeThursday Goes National

We admire the work TypeThursday has done to build an inclusive type community year-round, from their diverse interviews to their monthly meetups. Those of us here in the SF office truly enjoy supporting and attending the gatherings at the San Francisco Center for the Book, where we connect with old friends and meet a lot of new folks in the Bay Area letterati.


As TypeThursday expands next month to Los Angeles (under the leadership of our pals at TypeEd), we’re thrilled to up our game and support all three chapters (and any future ones) of what’s now a growing national movement.

“I’m continuously surprised by the creativity, passion, and thoughtfulness of the people who come to TypeThursday,” says founder Thomas Jockin (check out his recent Design Recharge interview). “It has been a privilege to see TypeThursday grow over the last two years. TypeThursday is committed to encouraging the appreciation of letterforms throughout the United States. We plan on establishing more chapters later this year.”

We couldn’t agree more and wish Thomas & co. the best of luck on the expansion!

Don’t miss the upcoming March events:

March 2nd:

March 9th:


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  1. You are going national! Congratulations!

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Meghan Arnold

Meghan Arnold

Typekit Product Marketing Manager. Former TYPO San Francisco conference director. Probably taking photos of signs or San Francisco sunsets. Will one day write about her adventures.

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