New fonts from TypeTogether in Typekit Marketplace

TypeTogether is one of our long-time partners. Run by José Scaglione in Argentina and Veronika Burian in Czech Republic, the foundry brings together a wonderful collection of type by designers from all over the world, and we are very pleased to have their typefaces available in our Library and Marketplace.

We recently added three of their new families to Typekit Marketplace. All by acclaimed designers, each one creates its own niche in the collection.


Sanserata type specimen Sanserata type specimen

Designed by Dr. Gerard Unger, Sanserata is an expansion of Alverata in sans form. It is a perfect companion to Alverata but also stands comfortably on its own, with flared terminals and a large x height lending it a friendly feel. It’s a sans with enough character to differentiate itself without looking forced, and looks especially vibrant when pairing multiple weights together.


Fino type specimen Fino type specimen

Fino is striking at first sight, designed by our friend Ermin Međedović as a theatrical display Didone. The options are endless, with Fino Sans and Fino Stencil as companions and the choice between Title and Regular in each family. Check out the alternates and ligatures, too, which are full of surprises — like the wide O and the UM ligature.


Garalda type specimen Garalda type specimen

Garalda, Xavier Dupré’s Garamond reinvention, is constructed for pleasurable long-form reading at text sizes, but also reveals some interesting shapes at display sizes. Note the slab serifs on letters such as the uppercase H, and the thick notched serifs on the lowercase ascenders. These details give the typeface a feeling of sturdiness, which is balanced by the high contrast and traditional humanist forms preserved from Dupre’s original inspiration, a Garamond version from 1914. And that is just the beginning — wait til you play with the swashes on the Italics!

Garalda type specimen all manicules

These typefaces are all available for purchase through our Marketplace, which enables web and sync use for all selected weights and styles. Let us know what you think — and if you love TypeTogether, check out their other fonts available for web and sync use in our Library.

All type specimen images courtesy of TypeTogether.

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