Typekit Help: A quick guide and some updates to our documentation

You may already be familiar with our Help documentation; we link to it routinely here on the blog, since it’s where we keep up-to-date information about how Typekit works and how you can make changes to your account.

We’ve just moved all the content to a new area in Adobe’s help documentation, so we’re taking the opportunity to walk through it a bit today.

Help page before and after

One of our Help pages before (left) and after (right) the migration

What will I find in this documentation?

All manner of things! We break the articles down by topic, with special attention for those who want to learn what Typekit is, or need the basics of how the subscription plans work. You can drill down for more specific technical information like working with CSS selectors, or how to enable an extended JavaScript cache time in the Kit Editor.

We’re also keeping typekit.com/help exactly as it is; check it out for a broad overview of all our support topics, educational resources, and troubleshooting guides.

Why did you move the content?

As Typekit becomes more deeply integrated with other Adobe applications, sometimes customers looking for information about font syncing will end up emailing other teams — not realizing that we’re the ones most equipped to help. With this change, our Help content is indexed with everyone else’s and as a result we’re much easier to reach from other corners of the “Adobe universe.”

Did you make any changes to the content?

Nope, we kept everything intact. We’ve also added in redirects, so if you have any of our help pages bookmarked, you’ll land in the right place. (Let us know if you happen to see anything out of place, though! We’ve checked and re-checked them, but it’s possible we missed one here or there.)

I’m not sure where to find the information I’m looking for. Can I just email you?

We’re always happy to hear from you! Get in touch anytime by emailing support@typekit.com. We’re still all the same people over here.

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  1. Oh no, I feared that this would happen at some point. Your help section was always very easy to navigate, and just responded very quickly, in terms of loading times. The adobe help section is just so unbelievably slow. I’m rather sad to see this, I have been using your documentation, especially on open type features, very frequently.

    1. Sally Kerrigan says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Thomas. We appreciate hearing what does (and doesn’t) work for you, and we hope you’ll stick with us. If you’d like to drop us a line at support@typekit.com, we’d like to get some details from you on the slowness you’ve seen, as well as any other comments on how the new pages could be better. We made the switch for non-design reasons, but we hope to be able to influence a better help experience in general.

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