Now on the shelf: New titles in the Typekit reference library

Like anyone, we wouldn’t have gotten where we are without a lot of help and insight from the people around us, and the reference library on Typekit Practice is something of a testament to this.

This reading list is an ever-growing compilation of the written works that have inspired and aided us in our work. Most of them, not surprisingly, are firmly related to typography, but we’ve also collected quite a few from the broader areas of design, technology, and communication.

We’ve just added a few new titles to the list today, and we’ll continue to add more.

What’s new in the library?

A couple that we’ve also added reviews for:

  • On Web Typography, by Jason Santa Maria
    It’s not only an education in solid typographic fundamentals, written by a designer who deeply understands the web and has profound respect for design history — it’s a sneak peek at the way Jason practices design, full of advice so great and so plain that you simultaneously smile and smack your forehead because now you get it.
    (Excerpted from Tim’s longer review on Medium.)
  • Nicely Said, by Nicole Fenton and Kate Kiefer Lee
    This book articulates a refreshing approach to writing web content for people who may not feel entirely comfortable with the craft. I love the down-to-earth advice in here; writing doesn’t need to be precious, and in fact, the best of it rarely is.

…and a few more:

If you have any recommendations of your own, let us know! Leave a comment here or on Twitter. Happy reading!

Sally Kerrigan

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