Sites You Like: SteelCent, 352, & SpeakUp

We love hearing about the sites you’re building, and any other great type you see in the wild. This week, we’re rounding up a few sites you nominated. (Adelle Sans looks to be a favorite!) If you’ve got a favorite type-driven site that hasn’t made our list yet, let us know on Twitter or in the comments.

Steel Cent Paper & Prints


Steel Cent Paper & Prints knows their way around type, with a number of Leitura News‘s ligatures in action here for a slightly dressed-up feel in the already-classy serif. Penna Connected looks beautiful as a subhead here — a little goes a long way with script faces, and this one’s handled well. And look for Adelle Sans in use for navigation throughout. (Thanks to @SteelCent for pointing it out!)



Futura PT makes a bold entrance on the homepage for the web development agency 352, but understated Freight Sans does the heavy lifting here, appearing in all body text and most of the navigation. The overall design is great, with those vivid blue subheads acting as tidy signposts for getting around the well-organized page. (Thanks to @brandmitchell for the nomination!)



Adelle sizes up so nicely, as demonstrated by the headers on SpeakUp — the serifs add a distinctive personality and a nice bit of texture to the page as a whole. Adelle Sans appears in the subheads and navigation here, a natural complement to its serif cousin. (Thanks to @keithbarney for the nomination!)

That’s it for this week’s sites; share more sites you like in the comments!

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  1. mik says:

    can’t get type kit to work……and when i try to contact tech support using the typekit help page it tries to force me to set up the mail software on my mac which i do not use. i know this blog isn’t the correct venue for getting help but i don not see another option. help!

    1. Sally Kerrigan says:

      Hi Mik,
      Sorry you’re having trouble. Please send us an email at so we can help you troubleshoot. Thanks!

  2. Adrian Bird says:

    Just came across this blog and thought I’d say I really like the fonts, and the designs, they all really go very well.

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