Working Late: Claim your spot for Crit Night

What does a typography critique look like? Well, a lot depends on who’s involved. For a hilarious demonstration of how to cultivate a critical eye for typography in the wild, James Victore’s just-released “Type Safari” makes for a one-of-a-kind tour of Brooklyn and Queens.

On October 2nd, for the second event in our Working Late series of type events at Makeshift Society, James will be joining Ellen Lupton and Jason Santa Maria for Crit Night. We’ll be selecting three portfolios for a full typographic review from this accomplished team.

What to expect at Crit Night? We’re looking for portfolios from individuals who are interested in stepping up their creative game. Whether you’re still a student, a seasoned practitioner, or completely new to typography, all that matters is that you’re ready to look critically at your design decisions.

If you’d like to be one of the three selected for review, now is the time to get your submission together. We’ll be making our picks by September 25th. Sign up here!

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  1. Thanks for this safari, will be waiting for more!

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