Source Han Sans update: New flavors & minor fixes

We’ve been extremely happy to see such rapid worldwide adoption for Source Han Sans, Adobe’s open source Pan-CJK font. With seven weights, support for multiple languages, and over 65,000 glyphs per font, the Source Han Sans family is naturally complex – so even when we first released it, we expected that improvements and minor adjustments would be necessary. 

After further testing, and with some great input from our users, we are happy to announce an updated version: Source Han Sans version 1.001. This release features:

  • Slight modifications to some glyphs to further improve their design and readability.
  • Bug fixes. You can get a list of them, along with extensive technical information in our downloadable release notes.
  • Some new configurations. We’ve provided additional versions of the full OTF (OpenType format) fonts for each language. Additionally we’ve added a new “Super OTC” font, an Open Type Collection format that allows you to install the entire set of fonts at one time.

All flavors of this new Source Han Sans version are available for download on GitHub, and a subset is available on Typekit for desktop sync.

Caleb Belohlavek

Principal Product Manager for Adobe Type. I live on a small ranch in the Sierras with lots of animals, but spend most of my time helping to wrangle fonts, customer questions and our traditional type business.

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