Typekit desktop fonts now available with free plans

We believe great type is an essential part of any project—and we also understand how important it is to try something out before you invest your hard-earned money in it. Starting today, we’re excited to offer a selection of desktop fonts to all individual Creative Cloud and Typekit users, including free members. We’ve assembled a collection of over 130 great fonts to use in your favorite desktop apps, including Creative Cloud trial apps, older versions of the Creative Suite, and even non-Adobe applications.

In putting together our initial collection of free desktop fonts, we wanted to offer a useful selection of typefaces that we feel look good and perform well in a variety of contexts. Here are a few of our favorites:

Adobe’s Source Sans and Source Code, designed by our own Paul Hunt, can be used comfortably in long-form and shorter contexts alike. With its clear, clean lines and variety of weights, Source Sans is a great typeface for making presentations in apps such as PowerPoint or Keynote. Source Code is a monospaced font with all the elegance of Source Sans, designed to bring clarity to your coding.

Source Code sample

Raleway, from the League of Movable Type, is an understated but elegant sans-serif that introduces some beautiful old-style numerals, and plays well against a lot of white space. The same foundry also makes League Gothic, one of our favorites for powerful headlines.

League Gothic sample

From the Argentinian foundry Huerta Tipográfica, Alegreya’s calligraphic strokes are neatly contained at small text sizes, gracefully blossoming into character as they scale up. It’s a typeface well-suited for poetry and other literary compositions, though flexible enough to adapt to uses well beyond that context.

Alverata sample

Getting started

If you’re already using Typekit, make sure you’ve linked your Typekit account to your Adobe ID. If you don’t have a Typekit account yet, signing up is fast and easy.

Choose fonts to sync to your desktop

Install the free Creative Cloud application, sign in, and head over to the Fonts tab to get started selecting some fonts. If you need help along the way, just let us know at support@typekit.com.

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  1. Happy to see Raleway selected 🙂
    But you have the old version of it. Latest release (v3) also includes true italics (and Cyrillic for the roman weights). Available for free at http://www.impallari.com/projects/overview/matt-mcinerneys-raleway-family

  2. Thats Great News, hope more font will include in free plan

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David Demaree

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