A new look for our blog

Yes, you’re in the right place: this is still the Typekit blog, and is also the new home for Typblography! We thought it was about time for a fresh look now that we’ve made some exciting changes to our team.

The Adobe Type team is now part of Typekit

Typekit officially joined forces with the Adobe Type and CoreType teams last fall, and we are thrilled about this expansion to our group. You can see all the new faces on our updated About page, and can look forward to several new voices on the newly-combined blog.

As always, we’ll use this space to keep you posted about typographic techniques, font tools, using type on your websites, and service updates about Typekit in general. We also plan to continue welcoming guest authors, who have written many of our favorite posts. And if you’re looking for an older post from either the Typekit or Typblography blog, you’ll find it here in the archives.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Type team at Adobe has been in operation for 30 years, both as a type foundry, creating original typeface designs and managing the Adobe Type Library, and as a service providing type technology support to many Adobe products. Already a fan of Minion, perhaps? This is where Robert Slimbach designed it. Today’s class of type designers at Adobe has plenty to boast about, too — from Miguel Sousa’s work with Hamilton Woodtype Foundry to Paul Hunt’s open-source Source Sans. We’re pretty excited to have so much type expertise in the room.

A better reading experience

You may also notice some changes to our categories, and soon we’ll also be rolling out tags to highlight specific typefaces and foundries. We took this opportunity to think purposefully about blog organization, and to make it easier for you to find the articles you’re looking for. We’re also trying out some new sections, such as Featured Designer and Featured Post, to help highlight our most useful posts, and share some of our favorites. (If you already have a post or two bookmarked, don’t worry; all the old URLs will still work.)

Add your voice

We’re always looking for guest authors to contribute articles on typography, type design, designing for the web, CSS tips, and more.

We’d also love to hear about great type you’ve seen in the wild; we’ll still be running our regular Sites We Like feature, and will be branching out to show examples of type in print as well.

Get in touch anytime at support@typekit.com, or leave a comment on the blog. Happy reading!

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  1. The body text is a bit light for me. I might take it to 1.3em or ratchet up the weight a bit.

  2. Adolfo says:

    I’m in love with Adobe Clean Serif.

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I've been with the Adobe Type team since 2002, and am currently the Marketing Manager for Adobe Type and Typekit. I am also the mom of two adorable little girls and a big San Jose Sharks fan.

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