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A few weeks back my co-worker Miguel Sousa blogged about the fundraising adventure our team embarked on to help raise money for the Hamilton Wood Type Museum. Now that we have all of the donations tallied and matching requests submitted, I am happy to announce that our crazy idea of selling cupcakes in-a-jar for Valentine’s Day raised $7,500 for the Hamilton Museum. As lovers of type, and supporters of the Hamilton Museum, we couldn’t be happier with how this fundraiser turned out.

As you can see from the following video footage, we all got our hands—and kitchens—dirty as we baked cupcakes and mastered the art of frosting cupcakes in a jar.

Luckily, all that work paid off during the Valentine’s Day sale. Adobe employees at the San Jose and San Francisco campuses purchased more than 360 cupcake jars. When they picked up their jars, they got another surprising treat: we had tables set up with genuine samples of wood type for them to touch and caress, along with beautiful posters from the Hamilton Museum for them to look at. As shown in the following footage, everyone had a “sweet” time.

A lot of people were behind this fundraising effort and helped to make it a success. I would first like to thank all of my team members who baked several dozen cupcakes for the fundraiser and assembled the cupcake jars. I would also like to thank all the Adobe employees who purchased our cupcake jars, and in many cases donated extra funds to this very worthwhile cause. And, I would like to give a special thanks to Miguel Sousa for creating an amazing set of promotional material for the event.

And, I can’t stop there. Even though Miguel mentioned these folks in his blog, I’d like to again acknowledge Matthew Kelsey, John Sullivan of Logos Graphics, Jamie Saunders of Neenah Paper and Tiffany Wardle. Without them we could not have created such amazing displays for our cupcake jars. And, I’d like to give my husband, Wellington Minoza, a special thank you for capturing these efforts on video and putting together these videos.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and seeing the footage. And, I hope you will all consider donating to the Hamilton Museum. Their move is scheduled for the end of March, and they are still working hard to meet their goal of raising $250,000.

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  1. Karen Catlin says:

    What a great idea for a fundraiser. Way to go, Adobe Type Team!

    1. Nicole Minoza says:

      Thanks Karen!

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