Bienvenue, Typekit clients français!

We are pleased to announce that, starting today, Typekit is available in French. Over the last several months we’ve worked hard to translate and localize our user interface, touching on details from font browsing to account management. We’re also rolling out new homepage designs in both French and English, with the French version featuring type from Typofonderie.

Screenshot of French Typekit site

If your browser or operating system’s default language is set to French, you should see the French version of Typekit automatically. If you’d like to switch languages at any time, just look for the “Change Language” links in the footer of any page, and click on the language you prefer.

Footer links on French Typekit

In addition to localizing our user interface, we’ve added French-speaking representatives to our support department. Customers can reach these representatives via email at or via Twitter at @typekit_fr.

What you’ll see en français

While we’ve worked hard to build a great experience for our French users, there are some small differences between the English and French versions of Typekit that we’d like to call out.

  • Lists are not yet available in French, and so have been hidden from our site navigation on the French site. French users will still be able to link directly to a list via its URL, but the text will be displayed in English.
  • We’re unable to offer our full-text search feature to non-English users at this time. French users will, however, still be able to search for fonts by name.
  • Finally, sample text and web font specimens are not being translated.

Vos remarques, s’il vous plaît

We’re excited to welcome French-speaking users into the Typekit community, and will continue to develop features in all supported languages as quickly as we can.

Is there anything you’d like to see next? Spot any oversights? Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your thoughts on how you’d like this site to grow! We look forward to seeing this new branch of the Typekit community take shape.

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  1. Graphiste says:

    Hey, that’s a very good news for us font-lovers and french webdesigners ! As for the missing (yet) translations, do not hesitate to poke for a lil’ crowdsourcing 😉 All the best !

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