Sites We Like: Festival of the North East, The Governors Ball Music Festival, and Settlers of Catan

We’re wrapping up this week with some music and games. Play on into the weekend with this week’s sites we like!

Festival of the North East screenshot

It may only be February, but doesn’t this page make you look forward to summer? Cubano‘s cheerful, subtly retro vibe sets the mood on this site for the Festival of the North East. Museo Sans cleanly provides information on festival details while maintaining the site’s lighthearted personality.

Governors Ball screenshot

This website for the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York is a fantastic example of how mixing the styles of a single typeface can make for powerfully dynamic typographic design. Proxima Nova shines here as both an iconic header and a modern, geometric body font, with Proxima Nova SC OSF Extra Condensed playing a perfect supporting role in subheads and navigation.

Settlers of Catan screenshot

Inspired by classical Renaissance typefaces, Minion is an appropriate choice for the official website of Settlers of Catan. With a studied tone enhanced by colorful illustration, this site has us ready to gather resources and build some settlements this weekend! Click the German flag to see how neatly the type translates across languages, too.

That’s it for this week! Share sites you like in the comments!

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  1. Puiu says:

    Really good choices. I really like Festival of the North East since it looks at first sight complicated but it’s actually a really simple website that gives the visitor all the information he want in the homepage.
    Catan also looks like a nice game. I’ll be sure to check it out.

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