Thank you to all our Chinese and Japanese community translators

Back in December, I did a post to thank all of the people who contributed translations to our Community Translation project. Since then we’ve had a lot of activity translating our typeface notes to Chinese and Japanese (over 100 accepted translations). We are very pleased to see all of this activity and want to publicly thank the following five individuals

Ying Ning

Tonny Xu

Vincent Ding

Hai Liang

Takesato Hayashi

Without them, and all of the other individuals we mentioned in December, this program would not be a success.

To learn more about the Adobe Type Community Translation program, refer to Typblography project page. If you have any questions or requests related to the Type Community Translation program feel free to reach out to us at

Nicole Miñoza

I've been with the Adobe Type team since 2002, and am currently the Marketing Manager for Adobe Type and Typekit. I am also the mom of two adorable little girls and a big San Jose Sharks fan.

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