French Octagon from Wood Type Revival

Today, Wood Type Revival brings us another digitally remastered rare and historic style of wood type: French Octagon. Use it big! It was designed for signage, and we serve it with PostScript-based outlines for smooth rendering at large sizes on Windows. Read more about French Octagon at Wood Type Revival’s site.

Upgrade to a Personal plan or higher to use French Octagon. If you’re already a paying Typekit customer, well, enjoy the new font! If you’ve never given Typekit a try, sign up (it’s free!) and upgrade to a paid plan whenever you’re ready.

Tim Brown

Head of Typography for Adobe Typekit & Adobe Type. Practicing typography and web design every day. I write, speak, and make tools to share what I learn. I try to be helpful. I love my wife, kids, family, friends, teachers, and dogs. I'm a volunteer firefighter.

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