The Adobe Type Team is pleased to welcome a new addition to the Adobe Originals…

Adobe Originals M&M'S

…sort of. ☺

All of us on the Adobe Type Team feel that it is important to keep alive the Adobe Originals spirit, and given that the preferred way in which to design such typefaces is to use multiple master (MM) technology, what better way to encourage the continuation of such activity than to have Personalized M&M’S® made, which bear the Adobe Originals logo, and that were obviously made by leveraging MM — or, perhaps more accurately, M&M — technology. One of our newest team members, about whom you learned in a March 2011 Typblography post, Steve Ross, did the legwork for acquiring this new Adobe Originals creation.

I feel obliged to point out that chocolate has historically played a pivotal role in typeface design and font production for the Adobe Type Team, though some of our more senior team members would argue, perhaps quite strongly, that one must enjoy the dark variety, not the for-the-masses milk chocolate. Unfortunately, although Personalized M&M’S melt in your mouth, not in your hand, they are not available with dark chocolate centers.

On a perhaps more serious note, the Adobe Originals program is very much alive, and we take great pride in being able to deliver to our countless customers a rich collection of outstanding world-class typeface designs that serve a broad set of typographic needs. If you ever pay the Adobe Type Team a visit at our headquarters in downtown San Jose, be sure to ask one of us whether there are any remaining Adobe Originals M&M’S.

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