New fonts from Process Type Foundry

Process Type Foundry has released five more of their type families for use as web fonts, including Anchor, Kettler, Locator Display, and Maple, as well as Stratum 1 & 2. Plus, current Process Type Foundry customers who have licensed desktop fonts may be eligible for upgrade discounts — details over at the Process Type Foundry blog.

From left to right: Anchor, Kettler, Locator Display, Maple, and Stratum 1 & 2

If you license any of these fonts from Process Type Foundry, you can host them on Typekit with any of our plans (including our free plan). If you’re already a Typekit user, that means absolutely no extra cost to you. It’s easy. Just follow a link to Typekit once you’ve completed your purchase at the Process Type Foundry website. Your new fonts will be instantly transferred to your Typekit account, and linked through the simple line of code you’ve already added to your site.

Your Process Type Foundry fonts will automatically work in every browser that supports @font-face, including those that don’t support WOFF or EOT, like Safari, Chrome, and earlier versions of Firefox. Plus, you can look forward to seamless upgrades in the future, whenever Process Type Foundry fonts, or any web browser, evolves.

11 Responses

  1. Luke Dorny says:

    Oh, wow, Maple looks like a killer face for some one-off site designs.

  2. Johan Bakken says:

    Brilliant fonts. I guess it’s time to redo the typography on all my sites.

  3. Theo says:

    Well, once again, Typekit is great!

  4. awww. but they are not yet listed on typekit, are they?

    1. Tim Brown says:

      Johannes, these typefaces are only available for web use by purchasing a license directly from Process Type Foundry. Once you do that, you can host them on Typekit easily. But they’re not part of Typekit’s subscription library.

    2. They aren’t listed because they aren’t in the font library, you need to purchase them separately and then add a key to typekit to enable them.

      I bought Bryant Pro a while ago and haven’t looked back, awesome typefaces and an awesome foundry.

  5. zandyring says:

    Neat integration. Smart.

  6. Yeah! Great to see Stratum 1&2 available through typekit. Happy Bunny.

  7. lefteris says:

    Paying extra how cool that can be?

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