Sites we like: Listgeeks, Strike, and Stories & Novels

Two kinds of lists and a design for readers in this week’s Sites we like.

Screenshot of Listgeeks

Listgeeks is a platform for creating, sharing, and comparing lists of things. Two weights of FF Dagny (regular and bold) serve for all the text on the site. FF Dagny is a workhorse, especially at small sizes, and pairs well with the colorful list design. Currently in closed beta, but you can request an invitation.

Screenshot of Strike

Strike is an easy and fun way to create to-do lists and then strike items off. Choose from three different strike styles, all using Proxima Nova, making your to-dos attractive (even if the work isn’t).

Screenshot of Stories and Novels

Stories & Novels features fiction from author Franz Jørgen Neumann. Chaparral makes for lovely and bookish body text, with large drop caps completing the look.

That’s all for this week; share sites that you like in the comments!