Typekit fonts now available in Readability

Have you tried the Readability service yet? The concept is simple: whenever you land on a web page filled with flashing ads and a cluttered design, just hit the bookmarklet and it will reformat the page into a beautifully calm and highly legible template. It works on most any site, and makes reading on the web a joy. We’ve been using it for quite a while and can’t imaging living without it. David Pogue agrees, too. In his New York Times column, Pogue praised the service, saying “It completely transforms the Web experience, turning your computer into an e-book reader. I think I’m in love.”

And now there’s even more to love. A new version of Readability just launched and now includes Typekit fonts. That means you can apply a couple of our most legible fonts to any page on the web. Here’s how the team arc90, creators of Readability, describe the new themes:

Our new Inverse style features Betatype’s wonderfully readable Apertura. In addition, we’ve created a fifth style called Athelas which features – well – Athelas, an elegant font by Typetogether. Both fonts are available through Typekit.

Our goal with Typekit is to bring beautiful typography to the web. We think Readability is another excellent way to achieve that. Try it out now!

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