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FontFont logoGreat news! Typekit users now have access to some of the highest quality typefaces in the world thanks to our new partnership with FontFont. We’re adding dozens of their professional fonts (like FF Meta, FF Dax, and FF Netto) to all account levels at no additional cost — even Trial accounts can start using a few FontFonts today. Sign up now for a Typekit account.

We are dedicated to raising the quality of typography on the web, and releasing these fonts is a big step in that direction. FontFont has specifically optimized all of these fonts for on-screen use and re-hinted each one to ensure the best possible display in browsers. That means you can feel confident that the fonts you choose for your designs will be dependably legible, even at the smallest sizes.

FF Meta on TypekitWith Erik Spiekermann at the helm, FontFont has always been a progressive force in the type industry, setting both typographic trends and technical standards. They’ve been crafting and supplying digital type as long as anyone, recently celebrating their 20th anniversary. We’re excited to see them join our other foundry partners in pushing web typography forward.

There’s more coverage from FontFont over on their blog, FontFeed.

Here’s the list. All of these FontFonts are available in Typekit now:

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  1. Quick Request: Somewhere on your blog, include a link back to the main TypeKit website. Just a pet-peeve of mine (blogs that don’t link back to main site).


  2. fauverism says:

    YES! I am so stoked! Thanks so much!

  3. Per says:

    Those $49.99 for an entire year of Typekit was a steal.

  4. TiTUS says:

    I don’t know why but all fonts look on my system the same. I’m using Firefox 3.5.5 on Ubuntu 9.10.

    1. It’s the way Firefox on Ubuntu reports its User Agent string. We’re updating our browser detection to compensate for that soon.

  5. PJ Doland says:

    I’ll get a Performance plan if you can convince them to add FF Clifford (one of the italic faces) to the list of fonts on Typekit.

  6. Cheshire says:

    And I’ll get one if you can persuade FontShop to put FF Kievit on there. Also, I would do a little happy dance.

  7. Joe Clark says:

    I don’t know what I think about putting Cocon into the same hands that had at one time touched Comic Sans.

  8. That is absolutely awesome. Thank you so much! For years I have wanted FF typefaces on my webpages and would define “local” versions CSS to see how headlines would look set in FF Cocon or Meta.

    This really changes things. Thank you.

  9. Geof Harries says:

    Hooray! What a great achievement for Typekit and a stellar reward for Typekit users.

  10. Natan Nikolič says:

    This is by far the best news lately!

    But it’s unbelivably disappointing fact they all come without diacritics although the original typefaces come with glyphs for extended latin charset including CE languages.

    I hope this changes soon :/

  11. Kai says:

    Very exciting. Kudos to the team 🙂

  12. Disappointed to not see Din on the list… But very happy for bigger foundries to start getting involved!

  13. martijnsnels says:

    Hope Font Smith will be available soon as well!

  14. xants says:

    Nice! How can i check quickly possibilities for CE characters?
    +1 Natan Nikolič

  15. Tobias says:

    good news! thanks for this

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