Typekit is live

For the past few weeks, we’ve been offering an invitation-only sneak peek at the Typekit service. Now, we’re happy to announce that we’re open to the public. You can head over to Typekit and start using it immediately!

We’ve learned a lot about how browsers handle fonts and what web designers and developers need from a service like ours. We’ve been iterating daily to make Typekit as robust as possible. And we’re pleased to have maintained 100% uptime since we invited our first users back in August. The introductory pricing will remain for a while, so sign up now to get the best deal. We’ll also be announcing new foundry partners and adding new fonts to the library soon.

As ever, we’re looking forward to seeing how typography will change web design, and how you’ll use it to build new things. Have fun!

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  1. Tim Brown says:

    Congratulations, all. Happy Typekit user here. 🙂

  2. deano says:

    Too limited. If you have a # of fonts limit AND a bandwidth limit, why are you also enforcing a # of sites limit? Just to make your customers unhappy with you? Or to encourage folks at the low end to sign up a ton of accounts, to make your adoption numbers look better?

    1. Jeffrey Veen says:

      There’s not a lot of precedent for a service like Typekit. So we looked to other hosted services for examples of tiered pricing, like blog platforms, web hosting, or developer tools. And naturally we’re iterating on the offering. But no, we’re not trying to confuse people or inflate numbers.

  3. Mason says:

    I’m happy too. Nice job guys.

  4. Finally. I was getting tired of designing with all 5 web fonts.

    Comic Sans to the rescue!

  5. Peter Foti says:

    Just tried browsing the fonts with Google Chrome… funny, they all look exactly the same. Might want to fix that.

  6. Peter Foti says:

    From your “About Typekit” page:
    “Every major browser now supports the ability to link to a font.”
    I guess you don’t include Google Chrome as a major browser? Really?

    1. Renee says:

      Someone is aggressive.

      I consider Google chrome as not a major browser b/c they haven’t released it for Linux yet 😛

    2. Peter Foti says:

      @Renee, I guess you don’t include IE as a major browser either. 🙂
      Note, I was not trying to be aggressive, I was just surprised.

  7. jason says:

    Sweet! Congrats on the launch!

  8. Pat says:

    Is there a definitive supported browser list?
    Safari on my iPod touch isn’t supported 🙁

  9. Dan Boland says:

    Completely thrilled at the prospect of Typekit. I almost certainly will end up using this service, and will recommend it to my employer. I’ll repeat what Scott deVries wrote above: “I was getting tired of designing with all 5 web fonts.”

    That said, I hope you’re working on improving the browse feature. At the very least, please add an alphabetical listing. Make it easier to glean the name of the typeface and the foundry, maybe even allow browsing one foundry’s typefaces?

    1. Jeffrey Veen says:

      Thanks Dan. We’re hard at work on better navigation, including foundry-specific pages.

  10. Jason says:

    …except doesn’t work with Chrome. Eight percent of the market and growing: http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp

    FAIL (for now)

    1. MJRTOM says:

      Adding “for now” after “FAIL” doesn’t make you look like any less of a jackass, Jason. Can’t you just say “It still doesn’t seem to be working in Chrome for me?” Oh, well, I guess it’s just more fun to be rude, right?

    2. marcelebrate says:


      Also worth noting: the statistics you provided are visitors to w3schools.com, a site geared to web developers. It’s no surprise that Firefox and Chrome are so popular among the very people that build web sites.

      While I’m a fan of Chrome, the fact is the user base at large is but a sliver. I would suggest more perspective before calling an otherwise momentous leap forward an outright “FAIL.”

  11. Doren Berge says:

    Jeff – First, Congratulations! This is great. Really looking forward to working with typekit!

    The pricing IMO, is very reasonable. Beyond the 4 tiers are you considering referral or partner plans to accelerate adoption? For instance, if an agency or design firm refers x number of clients per year to purchase plans… Or if a designer refers an enterprise account they receive a reward… that kind of thing…

    …Just thinking (typing) out loud. I think this is huge.

    Again, congratulations and good luck!

    – db

  12. Jerret says:

    Can I say I think this is the coolest app/service…ever?!

    One question: Will you add fonts as foundry’s release new ones? Because I can’t afford NOT to be able to use all of FontHead’s fonts.



  13. shellie says:

    I’m very excited about the prospect of using typekit although the team of developers I work with are much more apprehensive.

    Where is the technical information on how to implement it into a site? The advanced style control feature bothers the developers here, since it writes CSS for you – something they wouldn’t want to use.

    They want to maintain 100% control over the CSS, with the font-licensing only providing the font-face. Is that possible with Typekit?


  14. My little review of Typekit, in italian, but you know, any endorsement is a good endorsement..

  15. David Borioditsky says:

    Oops, looks like your 100% uptime hasn’t been maintained.

    There was 1 minute of downtime on the initial ping response on Nov 9.


  16. Joseph says:

    great news. looking forward to more fonts. congrats guys.

  17. Mario says:

    Are there any plans that font designers you cooperate with will support extended character sets? Then, the fonts might be used in Europe for websites in local languages…

    Good luck!

  18. David says:

    Are there any plans for a list of interesting/beautiful/prominent sites that use typekit? A complete gallery might be too annoying to maintain, but it would be nice to be able to find examples of typekit fonts on the web. Maybe just a forum thread somewhere?


  19. It’s alive!

    How do these fonts render when used in drop down navs?

  20. pandrewh says:

    Kudos! So excited about this step towards opening up front end design. Can’t wait to see how the service evolves. So far, I am quite impressed with the speed. Kudos!

  21. ♥ ELAINE says:

    How do i use this function? Do i have to purchase an account with wordpress first? Cause currently my themes are default ones which means i can’t edit my own skin cause i didn’t purchase an account i use a free one so can i still use typekit?

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