Typekit in Mexico City

Today is the opening of the Association Typographique Internationale’s Typ09 conference in Mexico City and the Typekit team will be there all week. Bryan is giving a talk titled “How @font-face Changes The Type Industry,” explaining the effects of technology on business in the past, and how type design is responding today. Jeff will be on the Web Fonts panel with representatives from foundries and browser developers. We’re expecting a lively and engaging conversation on issues ranging from screen hinting to new business models to emerging web font formats.

If you’re not traveling to Mexico for the event, we’ll be hosting a few Web Font Meetups in the coming weeks. Details on those to come soon.

¡Viva la tipografía!

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  1. First time I’ve seen a quality event going on in my city and I’m going to miss it. 🙁 I have a TON to do and MIDE is kinda far away from here. I might be able to attend tomorrow, but today is definitely impossible.

    Was wondering: do you guys plan on uploading a slideshow or PDF or anything from your presentations? That would really, really ease my soul.

    Hope you like my city! 😀 Don’t forget to visit Chapultepec. 😉

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