New fonts from PSY/OPS, DizajnDesign, and César Puertas

Since we began developing Typekit, we felt strongly that offering a subscription to a library of fonts would have lots of benefits to designers and developers. For example, when we add new fonts, you can start using them right away. No need to decipher a new end-user agreement or buy additional licenses. Instead, you stay focused on your design, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Well, the Typekit font library is getting bigger and better. We’ve just added new typefaces to the service from PsyOps, DizajnDesign, and César Puertas Type Design.

PSY/OPS logoPSY/OPS is a San Francisco-based foundry that offers high-quality typefaces that are refined, balanced, and perfected by obsessive sets of hands and eyes. Typekit subscribers can start using Adaptive Mono, Default Gothic, Vidange Pro, and VN74, with more to come.

DizajnDesign logoDizajnDesign is an independent type foundry and graphic design studio founded in 2007 in Bratislava, Slovakia. It is focused on creating high quality typefaces with a contemporary attitude to provide useful yet enjoyable options for graphic designers all over the world. Their font Deva Ideal is an extremely functional and subtly beautiful face that works well at both large and small sizes.

Cesar Puertas logo And finally, César Puertas joins the Typekit family. Puertas has worked as book and web designer as well as designing typefaces. He has taught typographic design at Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano and is an ADG Colombia co-founder and active member. We’re featuring Buendia, Urbana, Obliqua and Bolivar in our library, which can all be viewed here.

We’ll be adding more fonts in the coming weeks, so watch this space for announcements. And if you don’t have a Typekit account yet, sign up here and we’ll send you an invitation.

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  1. frebro says:

    Very nice! Eagerly awaiting some good looking slab serif á la Rockwell to be added to your library too

  2. Jordan Ogren says:

    fyi, the “sign up here” link (last sentence of the article) has a typo in the URL. It goes to one of those awful domain squatter websites. 🙂

    1. Ryan Carver says:

      Thanks Jordan, fixed.

  3. Nate says:

    I think you’re hiding fonts in a way that disadvantages both you and the user.

    I have a DISH DVR attached to my TV, and it has different modes that I can use to browse through the channel guide. Normally, I have it limited to just show my favorite channels, but I can click a button to expand the view to all the channels that I subscribe to, and then again to see all the channels that DISH offers. This lets me see everything that’s playing on even the channels I don’t subscribe to, and maybe someday I’ll feel compelled to add a channel or two so I can get that premium content.

    On TypeKit, when I’m browsing through my list of trial library fonts, trying to decide which to use, I have no idea that the perfect font is a mere $25/year away! Yes, I found the libraries, but I have to click into upgrade, then the /libraries/ link, then “View the Fonts,” and then switch to the upper libraries via tabs at the top… I would love it if along with By Style and By Tag in the browse view, I could also choose By Account Level to see the fonts that I don’t have access to right now, but could via upgrade.

    I totally appreciate that you didn’t want to hit users over the head with upgrade buttons — good call! But it’s a little hard to know that there’s that much of a carrot out there for the upgrade. When I originally signed up the only differences I noticed were the pricing, limits, and badging.


  4. Hi Bryan, very pleased to see new faces arriving! Obliqua and Bolivar appear to have disappeared from the libraries and search. Will they return? And what will happen to kits that contained them when they were available?

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