Small Batch Inc. Announces Typekit Funding

Picture of a Teletype machineWe’re not huge fans of press releases, but we want to make sure we get this news out clearly. And here it is: We’ve closed a round of funding from an amazing collection of our friends, family, and colleagues. This gives us the help we need to build the amazing service we’ve got planned. Thanks everyone!

And here’s the old-fashioned release, just off the wire!

San Francisco, Calif. — June 24, 2009 — Small Batch Inc. announced today that they have secured a round of equity funding from a group of investors led by San Francisco-based True Ventures. Small Batch is developing Typekit, a service enabling designers to build sites with web-native typography.

“This funding is the next step in our plan for bringing real typography to the web,” said Bryan Mason, Small Batch co-founder and President . “We want to build a nimble, safe tool that makes it easier for web designers to do amazing design online, and a lot of people believe in that goal. We’re excited and humbled by the team of investors supporting us.”

Tony Conrad of True Ventures leads a team of high-profile investors that also includes:

“Typography is the last missing piece of great web design,” said Jeffrey Veen, Small Batch co-founder and CEO. “We’re working closely with type designers to create a new market for their work.”

Typekit will launch a preview of the service in the coming weeks with a library of high quality fonts and design tools.

Founded in 2008 by Jeffrey Veen, Bryan Mason, Greg Veen, and Ryan Carver, Small Batch Inc. is a San Francisco-based company that has been designing and developing web apps together for years. In 2006, the team built Measure Map, the acclaimed blogging statistics tool that was acquired by Google. While at Google, they led the redesign of Analytics, a powerful website measurement tool used by millions worldwide. Since then, they collaborated with Twitter on user experience and business growth planning, and launched Wikirank — a trend analysis tool for Wikipedia. Additionally, they’ve been involved in W3C working groups and the Web Standards Project as proponents and active designers of the web’s infrastructure platform.

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  1. Evany Thomas says:

    Yay! Congratulations! Such lovely news!

    1. Belated congratulations on a much need service!!

  2. Make great and beautiful things!

  3. Tory says:

    Excellent news indeed!

  4. todd g says:

    excellent, congrats! This will surely help add fuel to this fire. Can’t wait to give it a test drive once you guys launch!

  5. Very cool. Go, Small Batch, Go!

  6. Aaron Toth says:

    Sounds great! I can’t wait to use this on my sites!

  7. Judith says:

    Congrats. More geniuses for your team! Looking forward to your launch.

  8. Jeff Robbins says:

    Congratulations! What a wonderful list of friendly, supportive, smart investors. Cool people building cool things supported by other cool people — can’t go wrong with that.

  9. Great news ! Looking forward to the launch.

  10. Michael Barnett says:

    Bad. Ass. Congrats.

  11. Manolo says:

    Congrats — all around a wonderful announcement!

  12. Nancy King says:

    Congrats Bryan and team Small Batch!

    Very cool…

  13. Erikka Arone says:

    Can’t wait to use the fonts….beautify the web!

  14. Steve Kusmer says:

    Congrats to Jeff and the rest of the team. Typography + entrepreneurship = something beautiful.

  15. Tim Trautmann says:

    Excellent news! Can’t wait to see typekit in action.

  16. Adam Hertz says:

    Congrats, and I can’t wait to see the web on TypeKit!

  17. exciting news … anticipating with bated breath. and thank you.

  18. Jason Reed says:

    Congrats, guys. Now, get back to work on Typekit. 😉

  19. Great news! Well deserved. Thanks for giving us hope.

  20. Simon Smith says:

    Yay, the last missing piece. Congratulations! Josh & Dave are great guys…

  21. Adel Anwar says:

    Congratulations Jeff! This is great news!

  22. Timmmii says:

    Awesome news Greg! Congrats and all that gushy schtuff. go go go!

  23. Congrats! I’m lookig forward to your preview 🙂

  24. Edward says:

    Nice, but… what about the type foundries? Wich ones are joining this service?

  25. Barak says:

    Congrats all. Look forward to seeing it.

  26. rachael says:

    wow, fantastic!

  27. David DeWitt says:

    This is very exciting. We have lot’s of high quality professional fonts that we want web designers to use, we should talk.

  28. Paul Masri says:

    You guys have got the right backers. With Twitter, Flickr, etc. on board, I can see your innovations making it. Good luck. This is a worthy project. Kudos to you!

  29. Jason Morgan says:

    Good deal, can’t wait to see! Congrats.

  30. Very very cool. You guys deserve a Manhattan!

  31. lorena bee says:

    Just read and blogged about you from Slate. Can’t WAIT to see this up and running and try it on my blogs!

    Congrats on the funding!

  32. We are so getting onboard with the DeadMule. Perfect fit! Thank you thank you.

  33. flashy says:

    defeniately bookmarked

  34. XOglan says:

    Естественно, на самом-то деле так оно и есть. 🙂

  35. I would like to add on this post by adding that Web standard are super important. See what is now happening inbetween HTML5 vs. Flash.

  36. Belated congratulations on a much needed service!!

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