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We’re heading to Atlanta this week to attend TypeCon 2009, the annual meeting of the type community. We’re happy to be lending our support as a sponsor this year. If you’re attending, look for your Typekit drink ticket at registration. First round is on us!

Our very own Bryan Mason will be sitting on the web fonts panel with a host of notable pundits. We’re looking forward to an interesting and spirited conversation. He’ll be joined at the event by Typekit developer Ryan Carver, who will happily answer any technical questions you might have.

If you’re not able to make it this year, you can follow along on Flickr and Twitter.

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  1. I’m happy to see you reaching out to the proper audience and taking the time to speak to professional typographers. One of the biggest problems in the area of interactive design from a graphic designer’s perspective seems to be a large gap in visual knowledge between programmers that can provide us great tools — for example, typekit — and those that can design appropriate visual solutions.

    Just last weekend I was trying to convince Firefox developers that the HTML entity for a thin space needs to be fixed on their Mac version, but hearing “the whole space looks better to me!” by a few developers exemplified how difficult designing in this new medium can be for a graphic designer, especially one that takes typography seriously.

    Good luck at TypeCon and I hope that we can see some video from the panel. It would be amazing to me if you would walk away from the event having convinced major foundries that there needs to be a universal standard for accepting and dealing with web typography in their font licenses.

  2. Bill Davis says:

    I’m glad you guys will be joining the fun at TypeCon, and am looking forward to meeting Bryan and Ryan in Atlanta. I am also on the web fonts panel discussion, and looking forward to learning more about TypeKit and other web fonts solutions. We know web designers want to use commercial fonts – and we’ve responded with a license for our fonts in “EOT Lite” for web fonts. TypeCon will be a great opportunity for all involved to discuss the wild & crazy world of web fonts!

    1. Bill – Maybe having your offices in a beautiful Chicago suburb has helped you see the light. Thanks for embracing pixel-based type. Thanks for Calibri.

      This is no Ascender troubleshooting forum, but one thing that’s odd about typefaces like Calibri or Droid is that they contain alternates for some characters, but those alternates — although visible from places like Illustrator’s glyph window — do not seem possible to attain in HTML. Depending on the typeface, alternates can sometimes be a helpful, expert practice in finding the correct typographic solution. If the objective is to bring great type online, then including alternates should be part of the solution.

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