New York Web Fonts Meetup

Save the date! We’re going to be in New York on Wednesday, June 17. Want to talk fonts? We’ll be meeting up with a great group of web and type designers, and giving an early look at a Typekit demo.

Location will be in lower Manhattan bar, but we’re still working out the details. We’ll update this post early next week, or watch for more info on Twitter.

We’re meeting this Wednesday at about 6:30pm. We’ll get together at a place called The Magician, on Rivington St, near Essex St. (map) 

Update #2 We’ve had to move! New location is a block away at Spitzer’s Corner. Sorry for the confusion!

Thanks to Jason Santa Maria for helping us find a place. 

Hope to see you there. Also, we look like this.

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  1. Richard Fink says:

    I’m a Brooklyn boy who would love to be there – and I still own a house in nearby Long Beach – but I’ll be in Florida at that time.
    I have been following the development and issues surrounding @font-face for a long time and have recently begun a blog devoted to Readability issues on the web and elsewhere and the move from reading/typography on paper to reading/typography onscreen.
    It’s a serious blog and I’ll be writing about fonts, @font-face, licensing issues, and much more, regularly.
    May I request to be added to your site’s Blogroll?
    Please check it out at:
    Best of luck with TypeKit.
    You have acted while others have just talked.

    Richard Fink

  2. Nick Sherman says:

    I’m gonna try to make it. I’m interested to see the demo!

  3. Any way to record this event? I’d love to time-shift attend.

    1. JIm Savage says:

      Yes, please video this event.

      t: @jimmymac74

  4. Dyske says:

    Hi Jeff,

    It was nice to meet you this evening. Thank you for the great presentation (and the beer). I enjoyed it very much. I’m excited about Typekit, and I am looking forward to it. I wrote my take on it here:

  5. I’m gonna try to make it. I’m interested to see the demo!

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