New fonts from TypeTogether and Wood Type Revival

February 11, 2013

We’ve added several new fonts to the Typekit library, including painterly wood type and a contemporary blackletter face.


Cosmopolitan from Wood Type Revival was first cut by Morgans & Wilcox Manufacturing Co. in the 1890s. Now, more than 120 years later, it flourishes beautifully on the web — try shading it with CSS text-shadows.


Eskapade and Eskapade Fraktur from TypeTogether are a lovable serif and blackletter pair. Tall and sharp, these are fantastic for display use — and they make for smart, compact headings.

We hope you enjoy using these new typefaces. If you’ve never given Typekit a try, sign up (it’s free!) and upgrade to a paid plan whenever you’re ready.

2 Responses to “New fonts from TypeTogether and Wood Type Revival”

  1. Puiu Says:

    These fonts are really nice. You guys have some of the best i’ve seen for free. Keep’em coming.

  2. Ramanan Says:

    Still waiting for my Helvetica, Avenir and Frutiger :)

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