Get a Font Pack for your next project

Every Creative Cloud subscription comes with access to thousands of the world’s best fonts. Now, we’re making it easier to get them into your projects with Font Packs.

Font Packs are collections of fonts for things like résumés, invitations, and social stories — and you can get these fonts with a single click.

Each Font Pack includes a variety of options to help you explore different creative directions and try out font combinations. Each collection also shows examples of the fonts in use, and we’ve made those files available for download so you can immediately try your own text in Illustrator (or in XD, if you’re working with the UX Font Pack) without starting from scratch.

Today, we’re happy to announce our first six Font Packs:

  • The Typography Welcome Pack, 25 fonts to get a taste for what the Typekit library has to offer (and make your work look awesome in the meantime).
  • UX Font Pack of screen-friendly fonts for UX design and prototypes, available even without a paid subscription plan
  • Résumé Fonts for a clean, professional look on CVs, cover letters, and even business cards
  • Get Folks Together with 12 fonts to make winning posters for promoting local events
  • Market It! Fonts for social shares
  • Grad Announcement Font Pack, perfect for making a quick invite or announcement card

There are six more Font Packs on the way, and we’ll release one each Tuesday for the next few weeks. Keep an eye on the growing collection!

Once you sync these fonts, they’ll show up in the font menu of all your desktop applications. (Yes, all — not just Adobe apps.) They can be used in print, on the web, and for your clients’ designs. They all share the same simple licensing agreement, so you never have to worry about where or how you can use the fonts.

We’re planning even more beyond this, so if you’d like to see us focus on any particular kind of theme or design project in future Font Packs, please let us know.

2 Responses

  1. Zeno Sieler says:

    Killer idea
    I’ll check this out.

  2. This is a great idea! With over 5,000 Typekit fonts now available, it’s sometimes challenging to cut through all the choice and find the right font. Curating them into small hand-picked collections (custom categories) suitable for particular needs should really help users be able to find the right/best font faster. Thanks!

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