Updates to CC Libraries bring type to more places

When CC Libraries makes an update that loops fonts into more products, we’re thrilled! Bridging apps and devices alike, CC Libraries plays a fundamental role connecting Adobe applications with one another so your best ideas and creative assets are where you need them, when you need them.

Today’s update works in tandem with Adobe Capture, a mobile app that helps you turn creative inspiration from the world around you into patterns, vector shapes, 3D materials, color themes, brushes, and type that you can then go on to use in your projects.

The technology for Type Capture is shared with the visual search feature we released last autumn. With this update, your typographic options now include fonts available for purchase from Typekit Marketplace (as well as everything in our subscription library).

Starting in Adobe Capture, snap a photo of type and the app will identify similar fonts from Typekit. Choose your favorite and save it as a character style.

How this works

When you see type you like (say, on an eye-catching poster you pass every day), use Capture to snap a photo of it. The Capture app finds similar fonts from Typekit, and you can save your favourites as CC Libraries character styles. If there’s already a Library going for the project you’re working on — maybe you’ve been searching for logo ideas for a new website, for example — go ahead and save it there.

When you’re ready to begin working with the fonts you’ve found, make sure you’re signed in to the CC desktop app so that we can send them your way. Whether you’re working in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, or another design application that displays the CC Libraries panel, fonts from our subscription library will sync automatically at this point.

Want a quick walkthrough? See the Capture tutorial for a one-minute look at how it all comes together.

Purchasing fonts: The new (in-app!) way

For any fonts from Typekit Marketplace, you’ll see this nifty new window to authorize and process a purchase in-app.

When you’re ready to work with the text in your design, the character styles you’ve saved will be in the CC Libraries panel. Fonts requiring a Typekit Marketplace purchase will use the credit card info you have on file; simply approve the purchase from within the app.

If this is your first purchase, we’ll bring you to a secure browser window to enter your credit card information. That’s the one time we’ll interrupt you; after that, we’ll keep the card information on file so you’ll be able to authorize future font purchases without leaving the app you’re in.

Fonts you purchase on Marketplace are synced through the CC desktop app and can be used in any application. You won’t need to install anything via font management software. Just keep the CC desktop app running and it’s smooth sailing from there.

Any questions? Drop a comment here, or send an email to our awesome support team, and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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  1. John Thomas says:

    I am so glad I found this site.
    The fonts are awesome and I can’t believe how many there are

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