New on Typekit: Midwinter 2018 edition

February’s a short month, and in our case it’s been a busy one with several new additions to Typekit. Here’s a look at what’s new in our subscription library and on Typekit Marketplace.

As a reminder, Creative Cloud members can use fonts from our subscription library at no additional cost to their annual plans. Fonts on Typekit Marketplace require no paid subscription; instead we charge a one-time fee for each font you’d like to use, with prices set by the participating foundries.

Introducing Conductor from Frere-Jones Type

Conductor from Frere-Jones Type

Conductor from Frere-Jones Type.

We’re big fans of everything that comes out of Frere-Jones Type and Conductor is no exception. Conductor was designed by Tobias Frere-Jones and Nina Stössinger, with contributions by Fred Shallcrass.

Conductor is a wide typeface by nature, inspired by “blocky numerals from vintage Bulgarian lottery tickets.” Thoughtful construction and a healthy variety of widths makes this an adaptable design, suitable for far more than just lucky numbers.

Conductor from Frere-Jones Type

Conductor Wide, Regular, Narrow, and Condensed italics (left) and narrow italic (right).

In addition to that, Helen Rosner’s article on Conductor is one of the best pieces of writing on type that we’ve seen. Whether you plan on using Conductor or not, we’d recommend reading about it from her.

New fonts from Rosetta Type, URW++, and TypeTogether

Rasa and Yrsa from Rosetta

Rasa and Yrsa from Rosetta.

Earlier in February, we boosted our collection of type supporting Arabic, Devanagari, Hebrew, Gujarati, and Armenian scripts with additions from three foundry partners. Read our full roundup of new type from Rosetta, URW++, and TypeTogether.

Adelle Sans Arabic Thin from TypeTogether

Adelle Sans Arabic Thin from TypeTogether.

Language filters on Typekit

New in the Typekit UI: More options in the language filter!

Since adding these fonts, we’ve also made it a little easier to filter for language-specific type. On, check the filter menu on the right-hand side.

Welcome Atlas Font Foundry!

We welcomed a new foundry partner this past month — Berlin-based Atlas Fonts, established in 2012 by Christoph Dunst.

Heimat Mono, Stencil, and Display from Atlas Fonts

Heimat Mono, Stencil, and Display by Christoph Dunst.

The Heimat collection is now available in our subscription library, with its backwards-descender y and plenty more quirks that will make for an immediate impression wherever you use it. Styles include Heimat Mono, Stencil, Display, Sans, and Didone. Take your time looking through these — Didone and Display in particular, as these families each include 72 different fonts in a huge variety of widths and weights.

Novel Mono, Novel, and Novel Sans Condensed from Atlas Fonts

Novel Mono, Novel, and Novel Sans Condensed. Art from Atlas Fonts.

Also from Atlas, you’ll find several styles of Novel available for purchase in Typekit Marketplace. Novel itself is a sturdy serif with six weights and italics, and you have your choice of sans-serif versions you might pair with it: maybe the Condensed width of Novel Sans, or the super-compressed “xcomp” version of Novel Display if you’re feeling ambitious. The letters take on an entirely different personality in Novel Sans Hair — or you might find yourself drawn more to the softened shapes of Novel Sans Round.

Will you be using Heimat in a project? How about Conductor? We’d love to hear about what you’re making — let us know, and keep watching this space for more fonts!

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    conductor seems to have a good fluid flow to it, always good to try a new font

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