New fonts and broadened script support

In this newest batch of fonts from three of our foundry partners, we’re delighted to expand our support for Arabic, Devanagari, Hebrew, Gujarati, and Armenian. Latin script tends to be overrepresented in the typography world, and we’re eager to better represent the true range of scripts used all over the globe on Typekit.

Arabic type from Rosetta

Aisha from Rosetta

Aisha by Titus Nemeth. Art from Rosetta.

Titus Nemeth started with the Arabic when designing Aisha, and adapted the Latin afterwards. He credits this approach for the fluid character of Aisha in both scripts. Check the Rosetta site for a great overview of the development process for this gorgeous and adaptable typeface.

Eskorte Arabic from Rosetta

Eskorte Arabic by Elena Schneider. Art from Rosetta.

Eskorte Arabic by Elena Schneider is designed for all kinds of editorial use, intended for clear and crisp reading quality at any size.

Also from the Rosetta crew, we’re offering Nassim Arabic and Skolar Sans Arabic.

All of these fonts from Rosetta are available for purchase on Typekit Marketplace. Fonts on Marketplace can be purchased without a paid Typekit subscription, and once purchased are synced like any other font from our regular subscription library.

Arabic type from TypeTogether

Adelle Sans Arabic from TypeTogether

Adelle Sans Arabic by Azza Alameddine. Type specimens from TypeTogether.

Adelle Sans is one of our most beloved type families, and we’re delighted to welcome Azza Alameddine’s Adelle Sans Arabic to the library. It’s built to be flexible and adapt well to a number of different settings, and with eight weights you’ll be pressed to find a space where it can’t perform well.

Just in case that isn’t enough, we’re adding Athelas Arabic and AwanZaman to the library as well.

Arabic type from URW++

Schnebel Sans

Schnebel Sans by Volker Schnebel. Art from URW++.

Designer Volker Schnebel worked for 12 years on Schnebel Sans, aiming to create something clear and legible for body text while retaining an ability to “generate the necessary tension when set as headlines.” Schnebel Sans supports Arabic, Hebrew, and Latin text.

Armenian type

Arek Armenian from Rosetta

Arek Armenian by Khajag Apelian. Art from Rosetta.

From Khajag Apelian, we’re delighted to offer Arek Armenian from Rosetta. Drawn with a calligraphic touch, this typeface is the result of many hours of researching old Armenian manuscripts — and it comes in ten styles to support an enormous range of editorial needs. All weights are available for purchase on Typekit Marketplace.

Devanagari type

Skolar Devanagari was designed with the intention of meeting the need for more text typefaces in Devanagari, one of the major scripts of India. We recommend the fantastic blog post from Rosetta showcasing the careful consideration that designers Vaibhav Singh and David Březina put into this typeface.

Nimbus Sans Devanagari

Nimbus Sans Devanagari, by Pria Ravichandran. Art by URW++.

Nimbus Sans Devanagari from designer Pria Ravichandran for URW++ offers a completely different energy and rhythm for Devanagari; indeed, the whole Nimbus superfamily is optimized for situations like signage and mobile displays where legibility is a must.

Gujarati type

Rasa and Yrsa from Rosetta

Rasa (Gujarati) alongside Yrsa (Latin) by Anna Giedryś and David Březina. Art from Rosetta.

The Gujarati typeface Rasa was co-developed alongside the Latin typeface Yrsa in one of Rosetta’s more ambitious undertakings. Designed by Anna Giedryś and David Březina, Rasa was built to excel in text settings requiring continuous reading across lines — and with five weights, works well if you also need to set headlines or captions apart from running body text. The whole project is fascinating, and we recommend reading the whole story on their Github page.

Much of Rasa was adapted from David Březina’s Skolar Gujarati, which is now available for purchase on Typekit Marketplace.

Stay tuned for more! If you have questions about finding fonts that support the languages you need, reach out anytime on Twitter or drop an email to We’ll be happy to help you out.

Sally Kerrigan

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