Now in Marketplace: Fonts from Process Type Foundry

Minnesota-based Process Type Foundry has a healthy new crop of fonts on our Marketplace — don’t miss it if you’ve been looking for the perfect typeface for a holiday greeting, a logotype, or beyond.

Process Type Foundry is one of our earliest foundry partners and we’re delighted to expand our relationship beyond web hosting to Marketplace — so you can get their fonts in more places!

Moniker Light, Scandia Bold, and Elena Light from Process Type Foundry

Moniker Light, Scandia Bold, and Elena Light from Process Type Foundry

For a neat look inside the foundry, check out our interview with Nicole Dotin about her work back in 2011. Dotin’s Elena has been popular ever since its release, and for good reason — it’s a wonderfully adaptable serif that’s comfortable for long-form reading and plays up its grace at larger sizes. If it seems to suit your needs, don’t miss the package offering, which puts the whole family bundle in a single purchase.

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One of our all-time favorites is Klavika from Eric Olson, shown here on a website we featured in a 2014 Sites We Like. (Sharp-eyed readers will note Elena in there too.) The straight vertical edges make for a strong impression without overwhelming or detracting from legibility, making Klavika a fantastic sans serif for a clean, modern look.

Capucine type specimen

Capucine by Alice Savoie

We’re also excited to include Capucine by Alice Savoie. We’ve added a few of these styles to our regular subscription library, and of course you can find multiple packages for this on Marketplace too. It’s difficult to classify but carries an undeniable energy, and might be just what you need for type that really stands out.

Pique from Process Type Foundry

Finally, for something extra stylish, the single-style typeface Pique by Nicole Dotin is well worth your consideration for something scripty but not at all fussy.

We’ve got a total of 17 families from Process Type Foundry — far more than we can cover in one post! See the whole collection on our Process Type Foundry page.

Fonts on Marketplace are a one-time purchase, and you can then use the fonts like any other you have access to via Creative Cloud: sync it to your desktop and use it in applications, or add it to a kit so you can use it on the web. (And no, you don’t need to keep paying for a subscription — you only need to keep Creative Cloud software running when you’d like to use the fonts you buy.) Learn more about Marketplace.

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