Introducing four new foundry partners on Typekit

Our four newest foundry partners make for a truly international team, with CAST from Italy, Kostic Type Foundry from Serbia, TipoType from Uruguay, and Latinotype from Chile. Welcome to all!


Brother 1816 from TipoType

Brother 1816 from TipoType.

Rufina Stencil and Ornaments from Tipotype

Rufina Stencil and Ornaments from Tipotype. Both specimens courtesy of Tipotype.

Not many people can claim they started the first type foundry in their country, but Fernando Diaz, Vicente Lamonaca, and Martin Sommaruga of TipoType can — and they proudly represent Uruguay on the world stage of type design. In fact, Brother 1816 was just selected as one of Typographica’s favorite typefaces of 2016. See all the typefaces we’ve added from TipoType.

CAST (Cooperativa Anonima Servizi Tipografici)

Saffran, Rialto, and Brevier from CAST

Saffran, Rialto, and Brevier from CAST.

Run by Luciano Perondi, Erasmo Ciufo, and Riccardo Olocco, CAST is a rare all-Italian digital type foundry. Along with designing retail and custom typefaces, they actively publish educational articles on typography and offer technical advice to other companies.

The humanist sans faces in the collection are impressive in their craftsmanship and utility. Also in the collection are Brevier and Saffran, both developed to be highly legible at small sizes. At large sizes, their idiosyncratic details reveal a more intriguing personality, with exaggerated inktraps and stencil-like details.


Los Lana Niu from Latinotype

Los Lana Niu from Latinotype.

Basic Sans from Latinotype

Basic Sans from Latinotype.

Luciano Vergara, Daniel Hernandez, and Miguel Hernandez founded Latinotype 10 years ago in Santiago, Chile. They have been very prolific in that time, creating a large collection of typefaces. We have added a few great sans styles on Typekit that are anything but Basic, along with Los Lana Niu, a curveless display face whose chiselled shapes are a fresh take on how to accomplish the “carved in stone” look. Check out the whole collection.

Kostic Type Foundry

Chiavettieri from Kostic Type Foundry

Chiavettieri from Kostic Type Foundry.

Zoran and Nikola, father and son, run Kostic Type Foundry out of Serbia. Chiavettieri, a sophisticated text typeface, was named one of Typographica’s favorite typefaces of 2015. Along with some fairly conventional designs, Kostic has released typefaces that sparked fierce debate on our team, such as Battleslab and Taurunum. Have a look at the full collection, and let us know what you think.

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    Amazing collections! Congrats for the new partners!

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