New fonts from Type Network for Typekit Marketplace

We feel fortunate to play a role in supporting a worldwide network of type designers and typographers. Few groups embrace this collective sense of agency as completely as Type Network, which we welcomed as one of our founding Typekit Marketplace partners last fall.

Type Network is an alliance of independent foundries and type designers from all over the world. Your Typekit Marketplace purchases support these independent designers, and we’re delighted to share even more fonts from these foundries with you today.

Lipton Letter Design

Mero from Lipton Letter Design

Richard Lipton originally designed Meno back in 1994, and this updated version takes advantage of the intervening 20-plus years of type developments and adds in OpenType features, three optical sizes, alternate styles, and plenty more — and Meno was already versatile to begin with! The italics are truly gorgeous and a testament to Lipton’s background as a calligrapher, and don’t miss the chance to play with the small and petite cap styles.

See Meno Text, Banner, & Display on Typekit Marketplace.

More about Meno on Type Network.

David Jonathan Ross

Fit from David Jonathan Ross

Type Network describes Fit from David Jonathan Ross as a “wildly imaginative all-caps constructivist juggernaut,” and we couldn’t think of a more apt description for this one-of-a-kind typeface. The shapes are truly experimental and make for bold, arresting works of design. With ten weights from Skyline to Ultra Extended, there’s a lot of room to play with this one — and we can’t wait to see what people do with it.

Get Fit on Typekit Marketplace. (Sorry, does not count as physical exercise.)

More about Fit on Type Network.


New Hero, New Rubric, and New Herman from Newlyn

Miles Newlyn has decades of practice designing typefaces for commercial and corporate use, and the families we’re adding to the Marketplace show the range of his talent, and also each possess distinctive personalities that are easy to fall in love with. Miles worked with Elena Schneider on New Herman, a revival of an Art Nouveau style whose proportions are similar to blackletter but completely modernized. New Rubrik‘s rounded forms add plenty of softness to a page (if too soft, also try New Rubrik Edge), and New Hero was built to travel far — it was originally designed for Citibank, with all the weights and styles a bank (or you!) might need to build into a complete typographic hierarchy.

Get New Hero, New Rubrik, New Rubrik Edge, & New Herman on Typekit Marketplace.

More about New Hero on Type Network.

Font Bureau

Stereo, Bodoni FB, Apres, and Belizio from Font Bureau

Founded in 1989 by Roger Black and David Berlow, Font Bureau’s friendship with Typekit predates Type Network. The foundry has developed countless custom designs for several major American publications, and their fonts are among the most trusted in the industry. Look no further than Apres for a workhorse sans, for example — perhaps even paired with Belizio for a well-balanced serif contrast… or with Stereo, a digital revival of a 1968 design, for something a little more fun and offbeat. And we’re delighted to add a new Bodoni to our collection with Richard Lipton’s extremely sharp-contrasted Bodoni FB.

Californian and Benton Modern Text from Font Bureau

David Berlow’s high-contrast Californian has a delightful personality, with details like the very-slightly-quirky angle on the i tittle and a funky reverse contrast on the z. And Benton Modern Text, expanded from Tobias Frere-Jones’s 1997 design for The Boston Globe and Detroit Free Press, is simply gorgeous and a should be a strong contender for any long-form publication.

Find Stereo, Bodoni FB, Belizio, Apres, Californian Text and Display, & Benton Modern Text on Typekit Marketplace.

About Typekit Marketplace

The fonts you purchase from Typekit Marketplace are yours to use as long as you have a Creative Cloud login — even if you end your paid subscription.

Questions about getting started? Any other fonts you’re dying to see? Let us know on Twitter or drop an email to

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