Web fonts from Typekit now available in UXPin

We’re pleased to announce our newest integration partner: UXPin, a collaborative platform for design-driven product development.

If you have a Typekit account already, you can now access our library of web fonts and place them in the designs you build on UXPin. This is yet another opportunity to bring typographic consistency across your entire design workflow, and we’re delighted to see our library so cleanly integrated into the UXPin design editor.

Typekit library in UXPin

Choose web fonts from Typekit’s library directly within the UXPin editor.

This is one of the first integrations we’ve accomplished with the power of Typekit Platform, a resource for developers and integration partners we launched at the beginning of November. By using the Platform API, the fonts you see in UXPin from the Typekit library are specifically the ones that your account has access to. How neat is that? This means you can rest assured that they’re safe to use in your work online.

Thanks to UXPin for being an early Typekit Platform partner — we’re looking forward to even more integrations that use this new resource for developers, and their feedback in the early stages was supremely helpful to us. See for yourself how to get started putting great type into your own product.

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