New fonts on Typekit from Northern Block & Paratype

We’ve been busy adding new fonts to the library! We’d like to introduce The Northern Block, our newest foundry partner. We’ve also added new fonts from one of our existing favorites, Paratype, and we’re excited to share that all Paratype fonts are now available for sync as well as web use.

New foundry partner: The Northern Block

The Northern Block is based in the UK and was founded in 2006 by Jonathan Hill. The foundry’s large type collection includes geometric sans serifs, slabs, and display faces that are a dream for the modern graphic designer. Today we are adding 11 of these families to Typekit.

Calder by Mariya Pigoulevskaya instantly caught our eye — a modern yet rugged display face with a collection of 10 complementary styles. Merel is a sans with high ascenders, giving it a graceful feel. Stolzl is the quintessential geometric with open, round counters and high x-height. And then there’s Erbaum, with square letterforms reminiscent of a monospaced typeface. This is just the beginning — see the rest on the Northern Block foundry page.

Northern Block type specimen

Calder Dark Shadow, Calder Script, Merel, Hackman.

New fonts from Paratype

We have added over 50 entirely new typefaces from Paratype for both web and sync, and anything from our existing Paratype collection is now available for sync too. Now you can enjoy all of your favorites — including Futura and Futura Condensed — on all of your desktop apps!

Type specimens from Paratype

Liberteen (headline), DIN 2014 (subheadings), Circe (article heading), Susan Classic (text).

There’s a great stylistic variety in these new additions. DIN 2014 is as stylish as it is functional, a classic typeface whose angular shapes make it especially effective for clear communication. Liberteen incorporates the classic forms of a Clarendon while adding playful touches, such as the large slab serifs on the T above. Take a look at the full collection on the Paratype foundry page to find more that you love.

Ariadne Remoundakis

Foundry Relations Manager at Adobe Typekit. A Greek American in California by way of Athens and London. Passionate about hand lettering, mostly on birthday cards and post-its.

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