Partnering with Typographics: The Magazine

At Typekit, we not only love type, but we love type people. When Roger Black approached us with his new venture “the magazine for type people” we were thrilled at the opportunity to support a publication that will shed light on the people behind the letters.

Typographics Magazine launch

Typekit helped launch Typographics: The Magazine in June. Photo by Ta-Shea Brown.

While we were at the Typographics Conference last month, we co-hosted the launch of Typographics: The Magazine at the Astor Center located in the former Devinne Press building. Nearly 100 type designers, typographers and friends of the type community gathered for a special program bringing to life one of the magazine’s forthcoming profiles of the Type@Cooper postgraduate program.

The Typographics website launched the week of the conference and attendees had the opportunity to sign up for copies the print issue, which will be out later in 2016. You can reserve your copy by scrolling to the bottom of the magazine’s site. We’re looking forward to reading more about type people and their projects!

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  1. Roger Black says:

    Adobe, and Meghan, you are too modest! We came up with the plan for Typographics magazine, but the party was all your idea. Thanks very much for a wonderful evening!

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Meghan Arnold

Meghan Arnold

Typekit Product Marketing Manager. Former TYPO San Francisco conference director. Probably taking photos of signs or San Francisco sunsets. Will one day write about her adventures.

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