New fonts on Typekit from Laura Worthington

We recently introduced a delightful selection of display faces to our library from Laura Worthington, which we think will make for some gorgeous projects. Welcome to Typekit, Laura Worthington Type!

Laura has been interested in calligraphy from a young age. Her career initially focused on graphic design, but with a consistent interest in calligraphy and lettering — to the point that she developed a goal of being an independent type designer. She has now been designing typefaces since 2010, developing a catalogue trending towards casual display typefaces with a practiced flair in the letterforms. My first encounter with Laura was at her brush lettering workshop at Adobe MAX in 2015. The passion and precision she showed in that class is evident in the attention she shows all of her typefaces, which make extensive use of stylistic alternates. Check out the glyph palette for Adorn Smooth Pomander for a clear example of just how detail-driven she is.

Our library additions include the collections Adorn Smooth and Boucherie, whose varied faces complement each other and make for cohesive and gorgeous design. Get formal with Al Fresco and Hummingbird, have fun with Funkydori and Spumante, and everything in between! Though we have not included the ornaments and catchwords, they can be purchased from directly.

Check out all of the additions on Laura’s foundry page, and let us know where you use them — we’d love to see what you make! All fonts from Laura Worthington Type are available for web and sync.

Ariadne Remoundakis

Foundry Relations Manager at Adobe Typekit. A Greek American in California by way of Athens and London. Passionate about hand lettering, mostly on birthday cards and post-its.

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