New fonts from HVD now on Typekit

Are you using Brandon Grotesque for a project right now? Probably, because it’s terrific. But if you’re looking for something different with the same level of aesthetic and technical quality, you’re in luck: today we’re expanding our selection of fonts from designer Hannes von Döhren’s HVD Fonts.


First up we have Niveau Grotesk, with flared vertical terminals and a strong narrow skeleton — while being grounded in geometric forms more akin to Bauhaus and Art Deco styles. Elegant without stodginess, Niveau Grotesk is also a great addition to your “retro-futuristic” collection. Niveau Grotesk is available for web and sync.


Next is Reklame Script, originally introduced to the Typekit Library in 2011 for web — and now also available for sync. The most casual of brush scripts, it’s based on mid-century hand lettering, but isn’t stuck in time — its brashness has a contemporary graffiti quality as well.


Also new to Typekit, these are available for web only:

Brix Slab (+ Condensed) by Hannes von Döhren and Livius Dietzel
Americane (+ Condensed) by Hannes von Döhren
Supria Sans (+ Condensed) by Hannes von Döhren
Cheap Pine (+ Sans and Shadow for chromatic layering) by Hannes von Döhren

3 Responses

  1. Luke says:

    Some great additions! Reklame will definitely get some use.

    Still dreaming of the day Brandon Grotesque is available for desktop sync! 😉

  2. Joe Tucker says:

    I agree Luke.
    Brandon Grotesque and a few others would be nice to have for desktop as well.

  3. Francis Kim says:

    Nice additions for sure <3

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