Sites We Like: Lost Lake Tiki & Craftsman and Wolves

If you didn’t already catch our video collaboration with our friends at Squarespace, do take a look. In addition to being a lot of fun to put together, it’s a great demonstration of how type and design work together when building a brand identity online.

And to put even more inspiration out there, here are a couple sites we liked — both built with Squarespace and serving up fonts from the Typekit library.

Lost Lake Tiki

Lost Lake Tiki website made with Squarespace

A mere glance at the luscious-looking tiki drinks from Lost Lake Tiki in Chicago is enough to transport us away. The photography is beautiful, and the text sits comfortably on the page in mellow Franklin Gothic with only minor adjustments in size, weight, and color to build a flowing hierarchy.

Craftsman and Wolves

Craftsman and Wolves website made with Squarespace

There is a lot going on with the inspiring cafe menu at Craftsman and Wolves (sign us up for the Rebel Within, please), and Adobe Caslon in the website’s body text echoes some of the same thoughtfulness that goes into their baked offerings. League Gothic in headings and navigation makes for an impactful contrast with the gentle serif.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

Sally Kerrigan

Content Editor at Typekit. Usually knows the way to the nearest public library. Lives in San Francisco in real life, @draftwerk in Twitter life.

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