New fonts on Typekit from Alan Meeks & Lettermin

We’re adding typefaces from two foundries that are completely new to the library today: Alan Meeks and Lettermin. A big welcome to our new foundry partners! All the typefaces we’re adding today are available for use on the web and for syncing.

If you’ve ever played around with Letraset dry transfer sheets, you’ve likely come across typefaces by Alan Meeks. Alan has been working in design and typography for over 25 years, and is known for his charming and distinctive display faces. The collection we’re introducing today includes some great display faces and scripts, and also has faces such as Astoria and Brigade that hold up well for text.

Pinot Grigio Modern type specimen from Alan Meeks

Pinot Grigio Modern

Astoria is a reinterpretation of Eric Gill’s eponymous typeface, offering more uniformity at extreme sizes, as well as an extensive amount of weights. The seriffed version only includes serifs on one part of the letter, making each letter look like it flew in and landed on the page. Pinot Grigio Modern does away with all of our preconceptions about x height, ascenders, small caps, and much more.

Astoria and Kestrel Script type specimens from Alan Meeks

Kestrel Script and Astoria

The full list of Alan Meeks typefaces now available in the library (or you can browse them all at once on the foundry page):

Astoria Condensed
Astoria Sans
Astoria Sans Condensed
Falcon Script
Kestrel Script
Pinot Grigio Modern
Spartacus Condensed

Ingra type specimen from Lettermin

Ingra Bold, Ingra Condensed Regular, Ingra Wide Extra Bold, Ingra Wide Ultra Light

Ermin Međedović runs Lettermin, a small type and design studio in Slovenia, and we’re delighted to add his Ingra to the Typekit library for use on the web and for syncing. Ingra is a large family inspired by Ermin’s earlier design of Lipa. Ermin began expanding Lipa for a broader range of uses beyond newspaper columns, its original intended form, but as he worked, he realized he was creating a whole new typeface. Ingra is therefore a descendant of Lipa, but completely redrawn and intended for different uses.

You can find Ermin’s Lipa Agate on Typekit as well — it is well-suited to print at small sizes, whereas Ingra is more at home in the digital space. Ingra’s wide range of weights makes it versatile enough for any kind of design, with a wealth of numeral styles, symbols, ligatures, and even pictograms.

Now in the library from Lettermin:
Ingra 2
Ingra Condensed
Ingra Condensed 2
Ingra Wide
Ingra Wide 2

Let us know what you think of these new additions to the library, and show us what you make! If you’re new to Typekit, you get full access to the library with your Creative Cloud membership — and it’s always free to take a look around.

Ariadne Remoundakis

Foundry Relations Manager at Adobe Typekit. A Greek American in California by way of Athens and London. Passionate about hand lettering, mostly on birthday cards and post-its.

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