Typekit on Squarespace: Build your voice on the web

We seriously love our integration with Squarespace, and haven’t been shy in saying so. It’s an ideal place to give shape — through type as well as imagery — to the brand you’re building online.

Luckily for us, the folks at Squarespace are equally enthusiastic about the integration, and for the past several weeks we’ve been working together to put all these good feelings into a video. And now we get to share the video with you! We keep watching it over here in the office and giggling with glee.

When you need to make a statement on the web, Squarespace and Typekit are all over it. Big thanks to executive producer Lisanne McDonald, director Jordan Fein, and creative director Andrew Sloat from 1stAveMachine for their hard work on the video, and to Farrah Sit from from Light + Ladder, Ksenya Samarskaya of Samarskaya & Partners, and Billy Sweeney from Squarespace for their time and talents.

Seen a Squarespace site you really love? Let us know about it! We love showing off great examples of design (and type) in the wild. If you’re interested in how a Typekit integration might look with your app, get in touch with us at support@typekit.com to learn more.

Benjamin Welch

Works at Typekit. Makes media things. Enjoys food stuffs. Some have said he looks like a young Einstein.

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