Sites We Like: Hopes&Fears and Cereal

Looking for a good read this week? Here are a couple bookmark-worthy sites we noticed, complete with great storytelling and top-notch typography.


Hopes and Fears web magazine

Hopes&Fears is a web publication with a deep curiosity about modern life and a stated aim of “exploring life and culture through thematic international coverage and commentary.” Merriweather is a great serif choice here for comfortable reading (with a little bit of Adelle splashed in for subheadings), while Proxima Nova is a balanced companion in the headings.


Cereal website

Cereal is a lovely, photography-heavy travel and style magazine, whose website hints at the loving attention poured into each issue. All text is in Adobe Garamond, a staple that manages to maintain its deep roots in typographic tradition without appearing stilted by it.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

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