Web fonts from WebINK are coming to Typekit

Extensis has long been one of the few developers of typographic tools, centering primarily on font management with their popular Suitcase Fusion and Universal Type Server products. They also founded WebINK, a web font service that offers a great selection of fonts.

WebINK is unfortunately shutting its doors later this year. Our friends at Extensis have been pointing their users, and foundries, over to Typekit for continuing web font services. We’ve built upon our own library and added a ton of fonts that will not only accommodate folks switching over from WebINK to Typekit, but also give existing and future Creative Cloud users a much more extensive selection of fonts to choose from.

Our first step in that direction is a big one: today we’re thrilled to have added three new foundry partners, and over 300 new font styles, to the Typekit library. Welcome Canada Type, Mostardesign Studio, and Isaco Type to Typekit!

Canada Type was founded in 2004 by Patrick Griffin and Rebecca Alaccari, and features an expansive and diverse selection.

Mostardesign Studio, also founded in 2004, is the agency of Olivier Gourvat. You may recognize Sofia, a quirky and popular alternative to Futura.

Isaco Type is the work of Isac Rodrigues, featuring aesthetically vibrant type design augmented by extensive OpenType alternatives — like the flamboyant discretionary ligatures of Mayence.

All new fonts from Canada Type, Mostardesign Studio, and Isaco Type are available for web, and most are available for sync.

We will be focusing on each of these foundries in blog posts coming soon. And we’ll continue to expand our selection of fonts to help WebINK users make a smooth transition.

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  1. Joel Drapper says:

    These are beautiful fonts!

  2. What are your plans for also making desktop versions of these available in Typekit?

    1. Liz Galle says:

      Hi Anne-Marie,

      Thanks for your interest in the new fonts! Many of them are available for sync already; you can select the desktop sync filter and then sort by newest to find them on our website:

      And we are continuing to license fonts from all of our foundry partners for desktop sync as we move forward.

      Let us know if you have any other questions, here or at support@typekit.com
      — liz

  3. John Nolan says:

    Any idea if Nick Shinn’s Scotch Modern will be coming over?

    1. Liz Galle says:

      Hi John,

      I will let the team know that you’re interested in Scotch Modern! We can’t say yet if a particular typeface will be coming to Typekit, but any new additions will be announced here on the blog.

      — liz

  4. Jay Nandu says:

    Very nice font.
    I need to use it on my next poster.

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