Sites We Like: Levle Frames + Wood&Faulk

Sometimes the everyday objects around us are so ubiquitous, we forget about the hard work and design that goes into them. In this week’s Sites We Like, picture frames and handcrafted accessories take a moment in the spotlight.

Levle Frames

Levle Frames website

Freight Sans is an elegant, tasteful heading choice on the Levle Frames website, which (unsurprisingly, considering their love for artwork) demonstrates a good eye for visual composition as well. The body text contrasts nicely in soft, sturdy FF Tisa.


Wood and Faulk website

Fierce attention to detail is evident in the Wood&Faulk shop, and we love that this carries over to the website’s font selection as well, with the body text in thoughtful Adelle and headings in Google’s Oswald. It’s a classic sans/serif pairing, but the slight slab flavor of Adelle works beautifully against the rich product photography on the site.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

Sally Kerrigan

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